250 to 0

But, first, took granddaughter to Pump It Up – one of those indoor play places with these new inflatables – she loved it – plus got it at a discount from dil seeing it on one of those review places that if you mentioned it when you came, you got it at a discounted price; assumed that’s why everybody who was there was but nope, turned out, we may have been the only ones – made me feel bad for the others, but then again, guess good for business that people come anyway; thought we had before but apparently not, but had stopped by, but had been awhile because when got there, wrong place, a church there; they’d moved to a bigger, nicer, closer location

but when got home pharmacy had been calling re meds; called – slow action insulin they said was $250 – with insurance – what?! didn’t think had been being that much even without  – did have some insurance issues last we went – and, so shoot me, but didn’t get them at those prices, – well, not that price; hadn’t got to that point yet then, but still – needed to find out what was going on….so time…

called insurance company and….since….this is son and dil’s insurance through….yes, here we go….the All New Affordable Health Care Plan…..which, need to tell ya, not really sure what happened but last year when they got it was only something like $50/mo. – went up to $170, so….already paying $120 more a month – actually have been really surprised they’ve been able to do it but better job, more hours, till now have been being cut, not past full-time, just down to it, was working more but did needed it, not sure what’s going to happen now, but anyway, but then last time went said didn’t even have it –

one thing he isn’t too good at is actually paying the full amount at one time so that’s what had happened there; he’d let if go too long – didn’t we learn our lesson about that with the power bill – oh well…

at least they don’t charge you extra to reinstate it, so he got it done, but thought they were saying didn’t even have any that day so….

anyway insurance company says they don’t determine copays – talk to the marketplace, so….

you know what happens there; they say the insurance companies say that all the time and – not so, they say – is the insurance companies, so now what?

well, one more time –  different person – all deductibles met $1000 (really?) so from now through rest of year – should be – $0!

double checked with pharmacy and turns out they had not re-run it yesterday like were supposed to – yep, $0!

so son picked up

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I'm a transplant, born up north but raised in the middle, now I'm down here where you don't see too many snowflakes; I'll probably post just about as often (here at least)
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