My Grandmother’s (or is it my great-grandmother’s) Doilies

IMG_20150428_172145I feel like I’m just now getting around to really either going through things or at least having some idea of what I’ve gone through and have, since mom died, what will soon be 5 yrs. ago, what with everything that’s happened since – as well as before. But the one thing I knew I had was her shoebox of doilies that belonged to her mother before her and her mother before her. So the other night while going through the closet in the spare room to get to the shelves in there where the hatbox was that I’d also brought from her house – that was still used to store those ‘vintage’ hats that I’d at least never seen her wear even in pics and only in pics of my grandmother from back in the day but granddaughter up there loved to play dress up when she was little so thought the little one down here would as well but somehow just hasn’t been the same so hasn’t been done, though, honestly, guess I really didn’t bring the ones we actually played we anyway; these are more the cloche style, not the floppy brim, that they didn’t actually wear anyway – remember when those were all the rage in home décor?

Anyway, I actually only brought one down to use to store the “vintage” tablecloths as well then actually bought a pretty one at a yard sale right down the road from their house while up there going through things to put the tea things in. Anyway, into the “vintage tablecloth” one I had put the biggest doily I had and had put the whole thing away for the winter, while, of course, then had found a framed doily at a thrift shop – well, I say thrift shop – but it a more, you might say, ‘vintage’ room for handcrafted items such as that that were definitely not being sold at thrift store prices and since it would be more personal to have one that was family decided I could do my own so went to dig it out.

But then of course I wanted to go get the rest, which I had put out in the garage, where I found one with what I think are gorgeous pink roses, which definitely remind me of my grandmother, with her dishes to match, so….

I’m just somewhat amazed at how these have made it through all the life changes; my great-grandmother leaving her farm and farmhouse, where they’d raised their 8 children, and moving into a smaller house onto a smaller lot; I know some things were out in their barn but these at least survived that move as well as the later one after papa died and she was sent to a nursing home (by her out-of-state youngest daughter). My grandmother, as the oldest and local, couldn’t take her because she’d been left a relatively young widow twice – once, at 44, then again, at 60, so she had to work. I’m just wondering if this has something to do with why, when she married again, at retirement age, 65, she and her 3rd husband opened up their home – this being my grandmother’s at least 4th – and final home, since leaving the farm and farmhouse she raised her children in after her 1st husband died – as a Senior foster home and/or private, at least personal care/retirement home, if not actual nursing home. But somehow they survived all her moves, when there were attics they could have been left behind in and may have been in the last one. Not really sure when my mom got them, before or after her and dad’s last move but surely not before the ones before, or how many there were before with the goings back and forth between states for so long. But anyhow they did.

And so glad mom was able to make the last move – one good thing Wal-mart did by moving in right across the road from them is it finally got dad to move out of the neighborhood that had slowly become encroached by and become zoned commercial and taken away the neighbor and neighbors that had been her life and into another one, where she could finally have friends again, neighbors who would bring each other home-made goodies and take up for flowers when someone died and bring in food – all those things that make up a community – and she could feel a part of again.

I wish I’d known about these and could have done something with them for either – or both – my mother and my grandmother while they could have enjoyed them but I didn’t; I especially think my grandmother would have enjoyed them – but really I think the one she would have really liked – not even the roses one; it reminds me of her but she didn’t really decorate with them, they remind me of her real ones that I don’t have – was the one of a house that I think reminded her of her childhood home, even though she also had a painting of it her sister did, that is the only I actually saw at my mom’s out on display on a pillow on her couch; maybe, though, that’s the only one that got rather tattered and worn, with a piece even having come off I believe – was the only nice filet crochet one she had, but oh well; I actually like the rest of them better – or at least the nice ones; there are others not so but surprisingly enough; they’ve all held up remarkably well, none stained or any others torn or anything like that, just not as pretty and “nice” as the few. I guess I’ll just have to enjoy them myself now or think in terms of my granddaughter, which they’re likely to go – either framed or pillowed, or both – for different ones, of course, not the same both framed and pillowed – in the room she claims for when she comes, with the pink rose sheet set my mom loved so well. Maybe if I get real ingenious I could them done for Mother’s Day, in her honor, especially since she ended up passing away that day, at least it was then, 5 yrs. ago this year – and no matter the date I’ll always think of her passing as being on Mother’s Day.

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I'm a transplant, born up north but raised in the middle, now I'm down here where you don't see too many snowflakes; I'll probably post just about as often (here at least)
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