Wildflower Hike was on




this is the one we actually saw on our hike

same place as the last one – or did I not tell about it – the one early March when there was still ice – what a winter we had – supposed to be wildflower then but not this year – but this one was – different leader, somewhat concerned, thought always supposed to have 2man deep leadership but he didn’t have any backup and I would have thought he should even more than the last one – poor man, shaking so bad with Parkinson’s and having to take it so easy and slow – was really concerned he wouldn’t be able to make it – it was still muddy and slippery – so glad wore different footwear this time – actually drug out the boots – somewhat hiking, not really, not really sure what you’d call them – but at least they had good decent tread on them, not just tennis or even athletic shoes like last time – and at least this time got to have a hiking stick, unlike last time when hub had his but I didn’t and at least this time he didn’t lock his keys up like last time, in many ways things went so much better – but we didn’t actually hike as long and as far as did last time; he said it was because the rocks were so slippery but didn’t stop them last time and we had more older people, actually more people overall, than did this time, so really think it was him who didn’t feel he could make it himself, not sure if that was before or after he did fall himself, again quite concerned, but at least he did know his wildflowers – may try to get some pic, hub took them on his better phone – the one I really really liked is called crossvine, though I have no idea why; the flower looks like a star to me – beautiful, yellow and purple –

so glad for the time I spent running the trail – seemed to really help – except, also in an effort for things to be better, hub also got me one of the camelbacks this time, have done that before, didn’t like it any better this time than last, the water tastes yucky; of course after we get back he washes the tubing out with baking soda but it just adds so much weight, feels so heavy and wasn’t that hot –

just perfect weather

have just learned that crossvine is supposed to have some medicinal properties, though haven’t learned exactly what yet and also Alabama’s the only place it’s known to grow outside of Asia


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I'm a transplant, born up north but raised in the middle, now I'm down here where you don't see too many snowflakes; I'll probably post just about as often (here at least)
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