Doctor We Like

Maybe it only works when it’s the person who it’s actually for does it because it sure hasn’t worked for me when I’ve tried to find a doc for dil – the first time kept running into have to make application and see if accepted; 2nd time turned out the doc had retired but

this morning when dil did it found yet another walk-in clinic at another regular practice that we got right in to see the nurse practitioner who, not sure exactly what all did, since supposed to go back in 3 weeks and have a full complete lab workup – kidney function, all sorts of stuff, at least have not heard of having been done before – but at least walked out with insulin this time – told her shouldn’t have been mixing what she’s been taking but somehow all she’d wound up with after her last doc left town – gave her the fast acting that did help her pretty much immediately, got her to feeling better and gave her her energy back to get back started on her housework – according to them got it down to 325, which I know is still high, but much lower than been, not sure if problem with her meter but it was still showing around the 500 mark, plus she hadn’t eaten, so this should possibly have been a fasting sugar level, so know even more so still pretty high but at least down at least from what the others had said it still was; also somehow came up that all this came up when she was diagnosed with gestational diabetes with her first child, which not sure why even because doesn’t always mean an actual diabetic condition, even though supposedly she had actually already been diagnosed with it before but then wasn’t as well, then was diagnosed with it again with her 2nd pregnancy, which, again, realize doesn’t mean an actual diagnosis but at least after the 2nd one she did get under medical care and was still diagnosed with it, even to the extent that she was deemed to need more insulin that what she was able to get and was just about to start getting seen by a specialist when she got pregnant again and was put on the insulin that how she still has it, not sure, after the doc said today it’s only to be taken when you are pregnant but she surely doesn’t have it still from then; it’s been 3 yrs. and she has been seen by an actual doctor since – before it was just another nurse practitioner, which is why she couldn’t prescribe any more and told her she needed to see a specialist but believe this new non-specialist doctor – the nurse practitioner’s practice went out of business – wouldn’t do it either, also told her she needed to see a specialist but also I believe prescribed what this one says is only supposed to be for pregnancy but then she moved out of state but I believe is where what she’s been taking came from but that’s been around a year itself so kinda no wonder what happened did.

Anyway he asked where that child was – why? did he expect her to have it with her in with him? but she told him she’d lost her and then lost the other one so he also said he’d take her full mental history next time if she wanted – maybe he’ll actually give her something?

he also plans to do a nerve induction test on her

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I'm a transplant, born up north but raised in the middle, now I'm down here where you don't see too many snowflakes; I'll probably post just about as often (here at least)
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2 Responses to Doctor We Like

  1. Tessa says:

    My daughter had gestational diabetes with both kids and has to watch her sugars now, but I don’t think she does anymore. I am watching mine and doing good with them now. About time.

  2. that’s great; saw that – will see how it goes with her – not sure she has the needles she needs and now she needs to order test strips to start checking it like she’s supposed to; every 2 hrs. I think, was no point before if she didn’t have any insulin anyway – or at least she felt that way but you’re not on it, are you?

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