Long Day and High Blood Sugar

Finally got our psychiatrist appointment at the mental health center – insurance side, thank you very much – apparently aren’t too many – a couple there from quite a ways over that had had one that left, like the one we went to before so they were going to have go as far the other way as this one and said they’d had better dealings this way, so there they were, so wonder how it’s going to go with them, because, granted, dil does have diabetes as well and as I recall (to use a phrase) Seroquel can mess with your blood sugars and not sure how she knew – maybe you have to do a medical history? – but she wouldn’t prescribe until – and she gave her the orders to be able to – she got her A1C checked since it had been over a year, going back into that whole other clinic thing with her doctor moving off with her husband – fancy that – but she’s had insurance and back then she wasn’t having to pay that much for it either, though not sure it that’s better or worse since now they’re paying a month what a visit would cost so….but then not sure about Trazadone re her sugar but she wouldn’t give her that either to help her sleep, though she said something about her sleep being back on good schedule, but also something about the kids she was babysitting that she’s not anymore, so not quite sure if she meant then or since but the only thing she wanted to prescribe her was Trileptal, which she was on before as well but I can’t remember exactly what it was for, but she wasn’t happy about that being the only thing, so she wouldn’t get it filled; she also wouldn’t give her either Xanax or Klonopin for her anxiety but she also didn’t try to give her Prozac, though, after her telling them she wouldn’t take it, which that’s what they’d given the lady – of the couple, it was her they were there for – who was there; way she talked reminded of the way mom said it made her feel; she didn’t like it either, so guess don’t really blame her, but if I understand right that’s what happened the last time we went this route; they did prescribe it for her then and when she wouldn’t take it they just discharged her but that was before she had insurance. Now not entirely sure if this was instead of not giving her the Trazadone or just in addition but she tried to put her on an exercise program, which another young man who was there, who was there last time as well, not exactly sure how we came to be talking about exercise since this would have been before I knew that, said, though, that he wouldn’t be doing as well as he is if he didn’t get his 30 min. a day in, but she didn’t want to hear about that or about diet management, so not sure if she was bringing that up for the reason for being there or her diabetes, to get that under control, but she also gave her what I think was one of those mini-mental exams, again, not sure if part of why there or related to her diabetes but she didn’t think she did too well on it; believe may possibly be one of those tests of cognitive ability, like has been brought up before about her but also about a sister of a friend that they function at a 12 yr. old level which the sister has been decided she can’t live by herself and not sure she could either but at least at this point she and son are still together, while in sister’s case she and husband have split up, at least for now. Anyway doc said going to do  things the old-fashioned way while dil says we’re not living back in the old days anymore so she was upset.

So went to the store; she began sweating, hot, having hot flashes, trouble breathing, chest hurting; when left starting talking about  possibly wanting to go to er, same direction as fast food place having burgers b1/g1 for qtr, about time got there almost stopped breathing so headed on; they did EKG, X-ray, labs, started IV, oxygen, breathing treatment;

had stopped at that FF place on way in, got little girl chicken nuggets, fries which she’d eaten but still hungry so went to cafeteria got her a corndog; dil discharged while there with steroid scrip with her diabetes and labs not back, then called while at pharmacy saying her blood sugar was around 600, to get to her doctor asap, after 6:00 at night – right

so turned in and went to er closer to home, who did it again, also emailed 1st one to say she should have never been discharged, gave her insulin this time but still over 400, maybe 500

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I'm a transplant, born up north but raised in the middle, now I'm down here where you don't see too many snowflakes; I'll probably post just about as often (here at least)
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1 Response to Long Day and High Blood Sugar

  1. Tessa says:

    wow that is high sugar count

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