Tale of 2 Dads

Where do I start? Summer before last, after all that had happened – that I was just talking about in last post about our little one – when son finally needed to go to work full-time and was finally able to get a job at a brake place that then had an issue with a guy and his truck causing him to lose that job but being able to get another one right away at another shop but then having another issue at that one but again finding another one right away right down the road from the house, while those other two were both in town and having to drive quite a ways but then had another issue at that shop with the guy wanting to order his own parts but then ordering the wrong ones and blaming him but then, once again, getting another job right away, this being last fall, actually can I breathe now? is right at the time of this happening at those first two; last one didn’t last that long, so made it past that; anyway in that time frame we went out of town so this being before they got their 4-do0r car, since it came from and through this last job, while we were out of town, they drove my jeep, which is pretty cool, enough so that while they were at a drive-up to fast food place – where I went today, only a different one in a different town, to try to get one of their carry-out drink containers, but they didn’t have a walk-up window – the male worker tried to buy it and a friendship started from there between him and son that then expanded into his girlfriend and daughter-in-law, especially because of her new baby, filling that void for her, but also causing problems, but got past that, and ending up with her babysitting for her when she went to work, after having him quit his job first to do so so that she could, not sure why she didn’t just work it out with her to begin with but he wasn’t really getting that many hours to begin with so was really costing him to go work anyway but then she started having her do it because she then wanted him to try to find a better job anyway? so she could quit but somehow wasn’t working out car-wise, why trying to buy jeep, didn’t really have one or at least a good one or if got one always tore up and didn’t have money to fix so started using her dad’s until finally it somehow just all fell apart and he either left or she had him to since they were living in her place or maybe it’s her dad’s – anyway somehow after that he got a really good job, had then been able to use his dad’s vehicle – while she, in the meantime, was able to get her – yes – husband to move in with her, while, when they’d been together before, they’d lived in a different town –  that, yes, she’d left him for this guy that almost as soon as they got together she’d found out she was pregnant, so she not really sure who he belongs to but since she was with the boyfriend, not the husband, when he was born, she named him after the bf, giving him bf’s last name; he signed the birth certificate and a paper saying he was the dad; he looks like him yet because she’s still married to the other guy he may still be considered the legal father. Anyway, since she’s switched guys she expects son and dil to give up their friendship with now old bf so when he wanted son to go with him the other day to go get a motorcycle while she was still keeping the baby and hub found out about it – when he came to get him? or she told him? not really sure exactly – they either said she couldn’t keep them (him and his older sister) or at least they expected her to say he – old bf – wouldn’t be there –  which she refused and possibly just said herself she wouldn’t keep them anymore.

So since he had come back in the picture on the weekends when both guys were off, he was supposed to be keeping him anyway but she would keep him overnight quite a bit and this particular day when he came to get him she  had failed to put the wipes back in his diaper bag and apparently they didn’t have anymore since he called for her to bring them, so she bought some  more and took over there, finding him outside working on a car, with the baby  inside with the door shut, filthy – which is why he’d called for wipes – and screaming, had been for an hour, according to cousin, so she just brought him back with her, but at the hearing she said he was outside with him…

with that having happened and now, with no longer keeping them and him possibly going to be, she finally files for emergency custody and  has a hearing, which, since time had elapsed, was not deemed emergency, but also, because of condition of house with dog hair all over and with him crawling now she  also reported her to social services, who went out and investigated, giving her 3 days to get it cleaned up but also

with her leaving him with dil overnight for several nights in a row with no supplies she’s being charged with neglect with a new hearing next month


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I'm a transplant, born up north but raised in the middle, now I'm down here where you don't see too many snowflakes; I'll probably post just about as often (here at least)
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