Hiking is out

was so looking forward to the hike we were supposed to go on in the forest tomorrow – she said it wasn’t supposed to be strenuous – cross-country, yes, but not mountainous, like the last one, so supposed I could handle it even if, granted, I’m not going to the gym, like hub does; yes, I could meet him there but he doesn’t really want me too; guess been thinking too much of machines; almost everybody has a treadmill, it seems, but yesterday visited with a friend who talked about going up and down her stairs so decided I would start doing that so got up and did that first thing this morning, then made the mistake of checking email and finding out plans had been cancelled; doesn’t think I can do it, guess doesn’t want to have to pack me out, says further email says it’s strenuous, must read things different than me because supposedly sent to me and I don’t see anything like that in it, so…

really think he just wants to go to his ham radio thing tomorrow that’s an annual event since said there’ll be another hike later on this month, with hopefully the wildflowers in bloom; will see, normally has me go with him to that – really would like to get the bulk stuff to make the granola but..

just doesn’t seem to have enough fruit in it, think that’s why I bought that last night, so…

but since not hoping to take granddaughter to the sheep shearing tomorrow, will see about that…

see who’s on whose doorstep in the morning and who’s going where when – me, I’m going to bed – youngest will be on ours wanting breakfast

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I'm a transplant, born up north but raised in the middle, now I'm down here where you don't see too many snowflakes; I'll probably post just about as often (here at least)
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19 Responses to Hiking is out

  1. Tessa says:

    I am not able to do a full strenuous hike, but I love to walk through the woods. Now that it is getting warmer out maybe I will do that again.

  2. he told me to start walking to the mailbox and back, which is not just at the end of our driveway; we live down a gravel road – at the end, of one fork of it, anyway; wish he’d put up my pix of it; couldn’t believe I found one that depicts it so perfectly, then put our number on it; we get so many people down it looking for the people down the other one; we’re the only one down ours; anyway probably 1/4 mile then he said to just go ahead and walk to the end of the road across from ours – another 1/4 mile? almost wish I had yesterday when I got there on my way to the store and they were having a yard sale – like I need to buy anything but just felt funny them seeing me pull up and go the other way and not stop but if I’d just been out for a walk, especially after getting home and son already being gone, then felt worse after then not fixing anything then him coming home and finding out nobody else had either, though hub had been just convinced they would; I didn’t think so…

    anyway, we put a trail through one of our woods back when he was into mountain biking that I’d rather walk, so, like you, now that the weather’s supposed to be warming up anyway, though turning colder again but nothing like it was, may start walking it – love it out there

    • Tessa says:

      When I was married we lived in the woods on a lake and about 1/4 to street. There were all kinds of trails there and I used to run on them. Yeah I used to run. I would love to again, but not sure if that is realistic or not. My chiropractor says he can make it so, but so far it isn’t happening and I know part of it is because I am not fighting it enough,

      Today is cold, mention of snow. Very windy. Hope it all blows over. It was 70 the other day.

  3. I know; wasn’t it lovely that one day –
    sounds nice where you used to live – I used to run as well – maybe we can both get back into it – but I did it on the track at the uni where I used to work – to me, just not the same, just out on the road – feel too exposed

    • Tessa says:

      I ran a little on the road, but most of it was back in the woods on all the trails and when I took the kids down the road to get their bus.

  4. not sure why now but we quit letting our son that went to public school ride the bus; remember taking him but remember he did used to ride; not sure if because he was going to have to be by himself, but doesn’t make sense if I would stay with him; know at one time there were other kids waiting and I know that later was the same, when he rode again, now that I think about it, hm..know our dog bit one of them but we had to take care of that and know I volunteered at the school once so…but for whatever reason, not sure I even went with him down to the end of the road for the bus stop – you’re making me feel so bad now, maybe, probably because/after I’d had the next one but that just makes me feel bad too – would think I sure couldn’t run, but even that makes me feel bad too now when I hear about all these new moms that still do all that kind of stuff now with all this new stuff they all have that could have had something like that then, just never did – wonder how much difference little things like that could have made
    and never thought about running on the trail but I could and that’s an idea – thanks! may just try that – might be better than the stairs – oh, wait, I think that new hike – wait, I need to see – I think they said there’s an easier one there but, wait again, I think this is supposed to be the same one went on last time just that hopefully this time for sure the flowers should be out – nope, I need to do those stairs – it was steep – is he trying to kill me?

    • Tessa says:

      I took the kids down because they were young and then they begged to go alone and we let them and they were attacked by a guy. I had to take them again and the bus knew if we weren’t there waiting to take them back to the school. then I had my son and again with the taking the young one down until he was old enough to go himself. Always worried after that.

      Running on trails is fun. Much better than stairs.

  5. oh, wow, Tess, they were attacked? oh my; that’s horrible but sounds like they got over it ok; unlike, possibly my son, who had already been molested, though not sure I knew that then; not sure when – know how, just not sure when – came up; the more issue with him came later when he went to high school
    I’m looking forward to the trail – talked to somebody tonight about wildflowers

    • Tessa says:

      Yes and thankfully they were alright just mentally scarred. The man/boy (19 at the time) was caught trying to do it to another girl and arrested. He plea bargained and they basically slapped his hand. Took a long time for the oidest (the one he grabbed) would have anything to do with a man including her father and grandfather.

  6. That’s really what I meant, more so than actually physically; somehow wasn’t even thinking about that, guess projecting my situation onto it and the fact I had a son, thinking more that way, instead of yours being daughters so am glad no physical harm but still sounds like they’ve turned out ok anyway even if it did take time. Somewhat found out about son when he tried to pass it on to new younger cousin – though honestly trying to remember if I knew it before though if so, how – had he told me, just not sure – more a matter, and maybe I’m wrong about this, tell me what you think – of how then what he did was handled, basically instead of what he had gone through being considered as a cause and that he was a victim he was made the villain and this, too, it seemed as if it didn’t affect the other one but then maybe that’s just me, too, but even before that and honestly I wouldn’t be surprised if it weren’t somewhat provoked because he – the other one – was a mess before that – wish I could remember now how the opportunity even would have come up because he was such that I didn’t even want mine to be around him, which actually turns out had caused problems before we ever got married – if I’d only known. It was a teen-age girl who did it to son and I believe I learned later she did it to at least one other child as well that caught up with her but just basically got her hand slapped as well; not really sure what ended up happening to her at the time; I’d actually remarried and moved away by then. Do know that for a long time she and her mother didn’t have a good relationship but not really sure if it was because of that or not; maybe in a sense but they had issues anyway, might have had something to do with why she did it in the first place and I could say, guess thinking you didn’t anguish over this boy who did it to your girls, shouldn’t matter but then guess would have to say the same about son but then would I be right in both cases or neither – whatcha think?

  7. Tessa says:

    Your are right on both sides. Have to worry about the grandkids now. My blog is keeping me busy. I have 67 followers on this one alone.

  8. Just know his teacher when we got here, who actually had been hub’s teacher when he was in school, so how long would that make and how old? but anyway she picked up something not being right with son, not sure exactly what she thought was wrong, but she wanted him to have counseling, but hub wouldn’t do it, though he’d probably deny that now, so never was done but again, does that matter or was it his “victim”, if you will who should have gotten it; I think that teacher was gone by the time he started school; honestly, I guess the age difference was just enough that I don’t remember them ever being together in school, although they would have gone to the same one; seems like by the time he would have started, he’d moved up enough, just seems remember by then he had more than one teacher and both of them were saying he needed more to do at school than what they could give him, which I didn’t understand; why couldn’t they give him more? but also there were some other options opening up, but, again, with him, hub wouldn’t go along with it, which led to a long story. But, yep, on the “grand” side, now she’s a girl, so…I’d wondered – I’ll go look some more; knew wasn’t hearing much of you; want to work on mine some more – how did you get so many followers? not that I ever worried about it but still – I appreciate hearing from you

    • Tessa says:

      A girl molested your son? Sometimes it is the content and sometimes it is a simple thing like following someone. Usually they will then follow you. 68 now I see. I forget how many on my other blog.

  9. you must have missed that the first time – yes, it was a teenage girl – did you see my question about about.com?

  10. these times must be off – then you know I think they fired her?

    • Tessa says:

      I am confused. Fired her for what, molesting someone? Or am I totally off here. I am having a bad time with the brain fog from Fibro and all the drugs I take. I can’t understand lots of things right now so sorry if I messed up the conversation. Lack of sleep isn’t helping.

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