Actually got up and got out of here early enough to stop by the print shop on my way back to the museum exhibit – before any school kids got there this time, although I’m still not convinced it’s not spring break even if the lady I met there did say it wasn’t – how does she really know, her grandkids that were with her live in TX and I saw some kids out on my way back – anyway – feel the timing was perfect; turns out her husband is retired from the railroad and from out west, so fitting right in with the other exhibit making its rounds out there and the book that’s all about it all but..he didn’t seem to know anything about quicksand out there, so may need to do some more checking on that. Anyhoo, managed to get back in just in time to scoot in to the funeral – yes..

the grandson of an older gentleman that went to church with us who passed away a little while ago – who’d had cystic fibrosis and had not been expected to live hardly to be grown but with the help of a lung transplant he got some time ago ended up making it to 35 yrs. old, long enough to meet and marry the sweetest truly little girl – well, a woman, she had a child, which became his and probably good, not sure he could have any of his own – such a blessing to his life, even though pretty sure she knew this could happen, so glad I got to be there, then…

learned that a “friend” if you will that I’d met earlier that had been having to stay with her mother through the winter had just today been able to go back to her home so I was able to have a visit with her – feel so bad for her though; she’s lost her driver’s license – long story – with seemingly no way of getting it back – she’s got a letter into the judge from the driver’s license place that doesn’t even understand themselves why, so will see….

the one thing then I didn’t do was stop by the neighbors because of that so maybe tomorrow…

but got home, checked to see if anything had been said about the uncle and aunt situation – no – will see what happens with that tomorrow – but the whole grandson situation wondering what happened with supposed to have reported but with the report got just wondering, will see about that as well, then

still not getting the right people – just volunteers, so try for that again tomorrow –

then determined wasn’t quite as new as thought, explains why already in the system, just that could have done, in that sense, ourselves, what had done for dad before, but if we’d done it already wouldn’t have made any difference but at least this time – at least I think maybe this is the first time, but now that I think about it, I’m not entirely sure, because it seems as if we tried this before and it got intercepted, wish she wouldn’t do it this way, but this is the problem, too much going on and can’t get it understood right, so will see about this this time, but didn’t go ahead and go through the permission thing somewhat because of it but did find out it’s the whole 11 thing that was causing the problem – probably should have just or possibly still should just do the automated thing but still have other issues to deal with that now have possibly already begun to have problems with so may just be back where we were and get nowhere with things getting worse, especially with what happened today so just have to see…anyway

got through with that just in time to go to my meeting – so will plan to check all that out tomorrow –

hope – with having to go to the grocery – guess still have to eat and feed – sometimes….wish….

but busy, productive day today

About donnainthesouth

I'm a transplant, born up north but raised in the middle, now I'm down here where you don't see too many snowflakes; I'll probably post just about as often (here at least)
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