Out of the way

So glad son and dil moved down here; at least they can’t do it to them now – can’t believe they’re still slashing tires – yep, that same cousin, only she says it’s not her – of course not – says it’s who, her lesbian friend – well, this time, guess her mom’s getting enough, said, ok, if that’s so, get down to the police and file a report – today – or she said she was going to in the morning – even if this was dil’s aunt – her – the daughter’s cousin – but not the one she used to be “best buddies” with because she’s gone back over to her sister’s side – which she wasn’t supposed to do but apparently dil’s sister’s gone that way as well; she’s staying with the aunt, who they were both staying with the cousin, maybe because of the baby, whose, hers, the other aunt who had a new one late in life that she was keeping for her to work, hm…maybe aunt, sister is now, since she’s been put on bed rest, hm…all because, why, cousin’s basically had all her kids taken away so she doesn’t have the child support to live off of anymore so…apparently she set up a frame to have it appear as if this cousin’s oldest daughter, not by her husband so thought he’d go along or at least not oppose, who gets a disability check for cognitive disability, was raped by the neighbors as walking home from school while mom at work so try to say mom neglectful and didn’t need to have her so with mom letting her spend the night with this cousin – now why not at sister’s – oh, think she had her dad with her at the time – to get her away – she goes the next morning and petitions for temporary emergency custody and – what – thinks the family will just let her have it – thought wrong – nope, mom moves in with yet another sister till gets new place away from said neighbors – who, btw, were proved to have not done it – granted, consent can’t be given, actually not even really sure anything even happened, but she did go willingly, in that sense, nothing actually forcible, though, yes, they did entice her, but at cousin’s instigation, though they didn’t really know what was really going on – but when mom moved she got her daughter back and cousin, for her outburst in the courtroom during private court proceedings because involving a minor, was banned from any contact but still continued to call – until mom blocked her from it – so now the retaliation has begun – who needs dreams and nightmares when you have real life?

But this is the type thing they were doing to son and dil when they were there – so glad they’re out of it – no wonder she was diagnosed with ptsd

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I'm a transplant, born up north but raised in the middle, now I'm down here where you don't see too many snowflakes; I'll probably post just about as often (here at least)
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