Judge’s Orders – twice

Am I just too old? I mean, I’ve never met anybody at the ER and became friends with them just like that but that’s what happened to my dil, oh, 2, 3 yrs. ago now? I know that our granddaughter was in the hospital when she was about ready to have her baby and we were at a fundraiser for a special needs baby needing to go to a special cancer clinic in TX I believe in the fall so pretty sure that would put it at around 2-1/2 yrs. ago and they met when she was there when she – the girl – first got pregnant so back that up and you’ve got at least 3 yrs. plus, to before granddaughter was born – I couldn’t believe the whole situation, not sure she was the only one or was it just that her friends had brought her then dropped her off – just seemed a mess, and guess I can understand; when her dad found out she even thought she might be pregnant he kicked her out and actually now that I think about it, hm…could almost be the story just read on the news the other day, no ID or anything to be able to get any help for herself, probably because he didn’t want her to be able to, seems that was the situation in the news story but not sure what he really wanted her to do; believe she did end up back with her dad but think only until the baby was born, then took it I think, at least at that time and took care of it but kicked her out again but then know she did apparently get her back, not sure if got to go back to her dad’s or got the child – then not once but twice but next time not sure whether to say worse or better that she basically doesn’t have that one; it’s pretty much with its father and family but at least she wasn’t trying to have to find a way to take care of it but then don’t think that’s really been that much of a problem; she does seem to have had a steady job, such as it’s been but then some of these people – my neighbor, for one – seem to do really well working at restaurants – and seems as if she finally ended up meeting a really good guy there who also worked there at the time, but now seems as if he’s gotten an even better job and they’ve gotten married but now never know quite what to think of these situations with him being – yes, one of those – an “undocumented immigrant” or “illegal alien” but still not sure exactly what the legalities are for those who get married to an American citizen but he does have at least one other child, a 7 yr. old boy, older than her daughter (of course) by a woman who apparently has several children, the oldest of which is 16, not entirely sure if any of the rest belong to him but he at least only has the one with him/them but he does have that one, not sure how that came to be but they seem to have had him for a while, have him enrolled in school, take him to the doctor, etc., with this woman also being here illegally and not being married. So I think if I were in that situation I’d be really careful about going to my child and telling him he had to come “home”; now when I first heard this I didn’t realize he hadn’t been living with her; it was at the end of a weekend, which I assumed was just an ordinary “stay with your dad” weekend visitation but no, so makes sense for this child to tell mom no, he didn’t want to go, so even more seems I’d be careful about continuing to insist, until they finally called the police, at which point she did leave but then after they came and left, she came back; they called them again, she left again, and at that point they all packed up and left to not be there in case she came back because even though he’s been staying with them there’d been no formal, official arrangement made so possible – again, just not sure how all this works with these illegals – she would have the right to get him – except, not sure exactly how dil knows this – but she told them they needed to get to the courthouse first thing Monday morning and file for temporary emergency custody, which they did. Now we thought it would be taken care of immediately, which wasn’t what happened so was a little concerning for a day or so, especially after, I believe, they did go home – (though maybe not, maybe we just didn’t realize at first) but the judge did come through and grant it to them, so at least now it’s official and I believe they’re now checking into her legal status so not sure what’s going to happen with that – with her and/or her other children – I am concerned but I am glad things have worked out for this child.

oh, and the other – nobody showed up for the other side so things are staying status quo regarding dil’s grandfather and who’s in charge of him

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I'm a transplant, born up north but raised in the middle, now I'm down here where you don't see too many snowflakes; I'll probably post just about as often (here at least)
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  1. Tessa says:

    You do have some interesting stories to tell.

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