3 yrs. old

I wanted to title this post something different but not sure I really want it out there yet. Maybe I am getting old; not even sure how Reminisce has even come to be on my email but they’re doing interviews of daughters (or at least this one was) with mothers; wish I could have done mine; however, here’s the deal…

turns out in this interview the mother wasn’t raised by her “real” mother; why? because she’d had a “nervous breakdown” when she was 3 yrs. old – and – couldn’t take care of her, so…she was taken to her mother’s sister’s – well, hm…interesting, because my mother had a “nervous breakdown” when I was 3 yrs. old, only my mother didn’t have a sister. Also, this mother had a older sister – she couldn’t help? anyway, not only did my mother not have a sister, but I didn’t either, so…where did that leave me?

I know that all my life my grandmother – her mother – would tell me about it and how why I needed to be careful how I treated her, to be nice to her because she was weak; while my aunt’s – mom’s brother’s wives, who were sisters, so, yes, that means that all my cousins on her side were all double cousins to each other and all had the same other grandmother, their mother’s mother and were all closer to her than they were to their other one, mine, because she was merely their dad’s mother, while she was my mother’s mother – although I felt close to my dad’s mother as well, so maybe that wasn’t the reason, but then my dad was closer to his mother than his dad, maybe because he was next to the youngest and his dad was 13 yrs. older than his mom – anyway they felt sorry for me because of mom but not sure why I wasn’t taken to them; would they, not being her sisters, not take me in? how might life have been different? certainly there would have been more other children around – one aunt already had 1 older daughter who would have been like a big sister to me, while the other one had two and they did somewhat seem that way – the other one also had a son just a little older than me that I was rather close to while the other one had a son later who I was close to but in a different way, he was more somebody just to hang out with not really to be able to talk to, then the other one had 2 more daughters, one just younger than me that I was close to as well then another one 8 yrs. later, so at least I wouldn’t have been by myself. The one with the 2 they both went to college, so I probably would have been more likely to have, even though I did go but maybe I would have stayed longer; the oldest one got her degree but the younger one didn’t but…she did go back later, while the older one of the other one didn’t go at all, nor did the son; they were very different, so guess would have depended on which one I would have wound up with…

However, I wonder what happened to this daughter’s “real” mom, who had the “nervous breakdown” – how did she like having her daughter taken away…

but maybe it really was that way – like a friend of mine who has her sister’s daughter; she wasn’t taking care of her before, but a difference that concerns me – she’s had issues for a long time; her daughter just came in the middle of it all, while we don’t even use the term “nervous breakdown” anymore because if you do have something happen to you – which, btw, what did happen to this girl’s mother – with my mom she and dad had just lost everything they had in a fire – now, granted it either didn’t affect dad the same way or he was just able to handle it better – but, now, they want to label you – and maybe they did her but if so, it was “just” as depressed and they did put her on medication and I would see a difference in her on it and not but this daughter’s mother’s timeframe was the same as mine, in the 50s, so the medication would have been there, at least if the situation was the same, so…unless…

there were other factors – will say, these people were “black” and this was before the Civil Rights Act and I’ve read some things, so…..

at least it does seem as if the mother didn’t have any similar problems, so….maybe all worked out for the best for her, anyway, now me….hm….

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I'm a transplant, born up north but raised in the middle, now I'm down here where you don't see too many snowflakes; I'll probably post just about as often (here at least)
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