Things that go bump in the night

or not, because that’s usually just the dog scratching or maybe a helicopter –

no, the things that are the real issues are the boys that used to get up and fix themselves something to eat but never know they did because they were asleep the whole time or
the little one who would get up crying and screaming but still be asleep till you’d have to try to get him woke up to get him to stop – be crying for daddy or mommy when we’d be right there but
he finally outgrew it so
once we got the granddaughter out of baby stage been pretty peaceful till….last night

Wednesday after dil’s appointment when they came to the house after she wanted to go to church with us – hub not feeling good at all – maybe the new med they’d put him that they now took him off – once we finally got the call re the biopsy saying nothing showed up – he told her she could spend the night last night and go with us this morning – “if” she’d go to Sunday school – last time she wouldn’t go, but she hadn’t been to church with us in a long time – possibly not since she’d had her birthday where her SS room would have changed to upstairs, so…anyway, she did go this morning but this is about last night…

son works on Saturdays now, so…one issue is mom tends to sleep the day away, so gd often does the same, explaining why, even though either she might be tired, or at least she’s old enough that, especially with the time change last night, with hub and son both tired – from some other issues – they wanting to go to bed early, she will at least go and will seem as if we’re actually going to bed – we have a bath, brush our teeth, read a bedtime story, Bible, Bible story, pray, etc. – everything seems fine until it’s time to actually turn out the light and get it done – but, at least even then she doesn’t get up anymore – and maybe it’s all the stuffed animals she can talk to, like say she does at home, ok, but…

seems there’s always one thing that shows up that needs to get somewhere – last night I’d call it a car; she calls it a bike, maybe in a way it is but one with maybe a side car? anyway another little plastic car that she seemed to latch onto and play and play and play with till I thought she’d gone to sleep; at least they ought to be happy, maybe it’s because knew son had gone to bed, I didn’t go to sleep, like I’ve been accused of – and have – in the past, but I thought son had been watching her – but guess he wasn’t supposed to have to have been, but that’s something else – anyway thought she finally had so reached to get it and put it somewhere but apparently either she hadn’t – or not enough – or I woke her up, or she wasn’t deep enough, in one of those states where, even in her sleep, she realized I’d gotten it – and oh my….the screaming began over me taking her toy away – horrors of these stories of these children being psychologically damaged for life – besides waking everybody else up – so I gave it back to her and she did finally go to sleep enough for me to be able to get it again and slip it away but just under the bed; was ready to go to sleep myself by that point; wasn’t going to get up and to take it somewhere – duh

then this morning she up bright and early – looking for and wanting it first thing

but, yes, hub got up, said thought heard her having a nightmare, thinking this had happened, but, no, told him, yes, in a sense, she might have been having a nightmare but, no, it really did happen, I did take it away, and yes, horrors that I would do something like that to cause her to wake him up – oh me

but I just cannot believe the things that show up and get latched onto – hm…wonder where it is now

it at least needs to get a home


About donnainthesouth

I'm a transplant, born up north but raised in the middle, now I'm down here where you don't see too many snowflakes; I'll probably post just about as often (here at least)
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2 Responses to Things that go bump in the night

  1. Tessa says:

    My only real memory of having a problem with my grandson when slept over was him waking up with a sore ear and wouldn’t stop crying. Had to call his mom and take him ER and she called his dad to meet me there because I couldn’t sign for treatment, but at least they did start to treat him. I haven’t babysat at my house overnight in a long time.

  2. oh, found the car/bike, whatever the thing is – on the table that’s begun to get piled up again – is it Monday?…

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