Snow Mow

or should I say more snow – 2 snowstorms, or was one of them just ice; anyway, in a week – the first – wish I’d got pix – or maybe I do, will check – anyway had granddaughter over; she and poppie made snowmen on the back of the trailer that she then wanted to take to her house but poppie said it would fall over, so…no go, then no more snow yesterday when she came over, so no more snowmen but between or before it was so pretty the crocuses were out but guess the new snow/ice must have gotten them because when I went to take pix of them yesterday to post they were gone but then in the middle of all this, of all the ironic things – I think, anyway – son found a lawn mower – a Husqvarna, owned by someone just down the road and around the corner from him – that he could get for a real good deal, one of the advantages of having that mechanical ability, like his first car – that nice Honda Civic he got that just needed a clutch that he took to school and fixed, no biggie – that he got for dirt cheap because of it – so hub hitched up the trailer and we went over; I stayed, had some girl time with dil, gd had crashed from earlier, and they went and got it, but….

that basically took his extra, so….in a way wish I hadn’t encouraged her to call the dentist, but it’s been every week and she’d wait till the end of the week, when then there wasn’t going to be a dentist and she’d just want to go to the ER where all they were going to do, maybe they’d give her antibiotic, which may end up being all they’ll do tomorrow after all – I tend to keep forgetting about that – but that’s what can happen when you keep putting it off till it gets infected – even if you do want something done – but yet you need to be prepared for it, and she knew how much it cost when son went and they haven’t said that much yet but they haven’t even gotten to that part yet – this is just for the exam and x-ray, not sure if he’d already had his or not – but after a while the pain just gets to be bad enough so she finally called and actually got an appointment for tomorrow, while son will be off to take her, so…he coming in the morning to get the jeep and trailer, take to his house, load up scrap metal; glad for the extra a/c units, heaters, all the car stuff he gets to bring home from work – poor little girl’s swing set – that got torn up (with the last episode, oh well) – hate that – especially since dil’s going to get the benefit; that he’s then going to take to the scrap yard; see how much money he gets from that – then see what happens; I don’t know, how many trips do you make to the ER just to try to get something for pain before you actually try to have something done? there’s always going to be something to spend money on – but also there gets to be a whole other issue going on as well and it begins to cost anyway and going wrong direction, so might as well just do this, so see what happens.

Just seemed strange to be buying a lawn mower in the snow


About donnainthesouth

I'm a transplant, born up north but raised in the middle, now I'm down here where you don't see too many snowflakes; I'll probably post just about as often (here at least)
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2 Responses to Snow Mow

  1. Tessa says:

    Your snow storms sounded like ours. Kind of funny to buy a lawnmower in the snow, but hey great when you get a deal.

  2. just glad we have 4/AllWD so we could

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