Just a little more family

Not sure why/how this got stuck where it did but it’s been bugging me not having been able to find it – till I forgot about it – but anyway, cleaning out the pesky incoming stuff pile and bin over all this snowed in time ran across a paper my cousin gave while up staying with my dad this last winter – my cousin, that is, that is the son of dad’s oldest sister – that stayed on the “other” side – that whole other issue – so possibly wouldn’t have been in the papers from the other cousin anyway – this was a write-up in a historical article in 1911 by someone we wouldn’t have normally had contact with but that cousin would have and now since seems not having much to do with him anymore after all this with dad so thankful he got it for me while we were. It tells about the original ancestor to the area that mom and dad found his marker at the cemetery – according to this he was one of the pioneer settlers of the area. Plus it even tell who his parents were and who his mother was besides his wife and who her parents were and who her mother was and where they got married and when and when they moved to the area and how his sister and her husband came with them. Just want to insert here this somewhat follows a comment read regarding the LIW books and how they depict such independence of their part in their moves; this person said that in studying the actual records they don’t seem so independent but more in line with what was typical – that a family didn’t typically move just on their own, but usually had at least one other family with them – implying, somewhat once again, that those books were written to kids and not necessarily totally historically accurate. Their father appears to have already passed away at that point, possibly implying they waited until then to make their move and apparently left a sister behind that didn’t come with them, selling their interest in their father’s estate to her, possibly using the money to purchase a new home in the new area, something I’ve always wondered about and might possibly try to find out more about the home – and family – they left behind. Her brother also came as well.

Then, wow, they 14 children. It tells who they all were and married and who their parents and mothers were and when they lived. One family, in particular, interests me, because their descendant wound up at the same church with dad and made himself known to him and his ancestor was someone dad actually knew and had a picture of the family we were able to pass on to this person, who didn’t even have it themselves; it meant a lot to him, and we would come see dad at home and then also in the hospital and brought his family; those things mean a lot. Then is just cements a lot of the connections between several of the families in the area, some of which dad took me to see while growing up; he was real big on all of this family connection. Then then was actually done by one of the family of the person mentioned above, which I found interesting, from California – San Bernardino (which I want to look up, see where that is) – actually apparently married into the family. Then pictures as well.


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I'm a transplant, born up north but raised in the middle, now I'm down here where you don't see too many snowflakes; I'll probably post just about as often (here at least)
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2 Responses to Just a little more family

  1. Tessa says:

    Family trees can be interesting. I used to watch the show on the stars roots.

  2. not sure if that’s the same show but some TV Roots show came to my uncle’s farm and filmed; if I understand right a previous owner had slaves who this was one of his descendants who was tracing his roots who used to work there; unc found it rather interesting

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