The “Joys” of Home Ownership

Finished up my last post with son and dil just moving into their new house which was supposed to have been an owner finance situation but what with the job situation didn’t go ahead and do at that point and just thankful could just go ahead and rent but job situation seems to be going good now after several ups and downs with the new chain position having a similar situation as the last one then the same thing happening with a local independent that was had been in business for a while and just down the road as well, (but found out had a history of that time thing) leading to a position with a start-up company in an affluent area that had bought out an old shop – more of just an oil change shop – but not if they have a good technician who can do more – down the road from the equivalent of the one he’d just been at so…impressed them, once again, unlike the last who wasn’t really wanting to hire, so shouldn’t put out an ad, and proved himself by the same way that caused the upset with the last place, showing he just didn’t like to be proved wrong, while these people were wanting to hire someone to take care of that very type thing, shows management material, which they began to try to do, even getting him business cards to that effect, having him order parts and pick them up, conveniently there being an auto parts store right across the highway, then further having him make a list of equipment needed for this new shop for them to order, then further having him do that actual ordering, giving him a key to the shop, with more flexibility for coming in but also more responsibility for coming in and making sure everything is being done properly, with him stepping up to the plate with all of that, with this time instead of it being him, it’s the others who are being suspended for doing their job properly, with my only concern being that they not be treated unfairly as he was in his previous positions but they really seem to not be taking theirs seriously, not cleaning up the shop or even making sure their tools are put away before they leave and then not even locking the door, then calling in sick for days with no documentation, while he will go in even sick, with the company compensating him fairly, making considerably more than at the previous places, enough to finally begin to get on their feet, with being able to not only make the rent they were being charged before but even the more of this place plus

these people also had a 4 door car, which they could use for hauling their little girl plus especially at the same time of all this, dil started babysitting 2 children, that they would owner finance for them, which he’s also been able to take care of, so….

plus with all that had happened job wise they were also able to get health insurance before the open enrollment period affordably, which they’ve been able to take care of as well as copays….

and internet….

they finally decided to take the plunge and sign the papers to buy the house –

oh, they also took on the vehicle insurance on the one vehicle….

and that same company then allowed them to get their insurance on the house….

and the people dropped the price to allow for covering the insurance cost…

so they are now homeowners…..

with all that means when the roof starts leaking


About donnainthesouth

I'm a transplant, born up north but raised in the middle, now I'm down here where you don't see too many snowflakes; I'll probably post just about as often (here at least)
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