Family Tree Investigation

going back to posts doing few back re family – was supposed to get the results of the Family Tree Investigation at Christmas that cousin had been doing but, just like with him, new family issues keep cropping up, the one who was supposed to be coming and bringing them, his mother wound up in the hospital and they didn’t get to make the trip, so…wish he’d just either finished or let some of us have the records before it got into this situation; however, have learned some more of my dad’s dad’s side, but he was on his mom’s side, which don’t have too much of…or haven’t seen, since knew he was supposed to have, but that get back but let’s back up – or go forward – however you want to look at it – and compile their actual life

fortunately, (as opposed to – guess I take the blame for being the first generation to do differently – otherwise) my parents stayed together my and their whole life. They were married for 62 yrs. until then my mom passed away the next year on Mother’s Day 2010, very same day as Lena Horne

I’m their only child – unless you count, as I mentioned earlier, the one they lost –  as a miscarriage, that I’ve realized I never even cared enough to ask how far along she was or how she felt about not having any more; pretty sure my dad would have like to have had – never anything said about them adopting – maybe after I came along I was enough! That was about 7 yrs. before.

Now I have 3 children and have had 5 grandchildren, having lost 2 one way and 1 another and possibly 1 another way as well, so really only have 1 in my life. My very oldest one will be 14 next month; hard to believe, wow, been so much happen since then.

We still have the dog that was born to the dog that middle son, the one with the grandchild in my life, wanted so bad but also lost; horrible, sad story there that we just talked about recently with the loss of his latest, that we just don’t know what happened, if connected to something that happened after they got it or before that might have possibly led to a lot of problems for his wife; so glad we had a good neighbor at that point. Also leading to another conversation re another one of his that we’d wound up with that was only trying to go with him, so who’s fault is it? Then the other one was our fault, I suppose, guess we really should keep them put up, like he’s doing with his other one, now but we never have and don’t yet with the one we have left, though she rarely, if ever, leaves the place but that one did, to the neighbor that had goats and would get in so can’t really blame him; just glad the one now doesn’t try it with the neighbor we have now that has them, different one, no, in this case it’s his dog that comes over here, with youngest son’s friend not knowing; well, he actually didn’t either, though how he missed it, not sure; taking it off, just glad able to find it and get it returned but still comes over, but at least everybody knows now.

Miss mom and dad, too, now. Mom had a hard time after her mom died; about a year later she got Bell’s Palsy, from which she never recovered, causing her to have problems from her cataract surgery, which led to cornea problems, which she never recovered from either, with hip issues in the middle of it, leading to hip replacement surgery, then because of the eye issues not being able to take some medication to help keep her from getting infections she was prone to, which led to her getting a worse one than she’d ever had, which I believe led to her having a heart attack, which is what got her, I think. All of the eye issues really affected her vision, which I believe affected her perception, which I think led to her being assumed to have Alzheimer’s but I don’t believe she did; she didn’t seem to really go through the stages, but then maybe she just didn’t get there.

But after she was gone, it really seemed to come out with dad, which she would say things about before but he was still able, somewhat, anyway, to at least, take care of what she needed, but seemed apparently to depend on her as well, since he seemed to gradually get worse, until he had my oldest son move in with him to help take care of him. Neither one of them ever went to a nursing home. People really seemed to miss mom. She ran a group for a while for people to come talk and others would call on her as well. She was always there for them.

I was born in Michigan but was brought to far western KY, where I was raised. But then moved to MS after first son was born, then moved to Alabama where had my last two sons. The  youngest is 7 yrs. younger.

My first one’s dad and I did divorce and I do hate that but he is the one who left before I moved but I did move son away from both him and mom and dad, but he did move back and help take care of dad, which  was a real blessing.

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I'm a transplant, born up north but raised in the middle, now I'm down here where you don't see too many snowflakes; I'll probably post just about as often (here at least)
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