The Soldier’s Road to Recovery

and, yes, at one time son was an “official” soldier, at least in the sense of joining the National Guard and going off for basic training and AIT, but this war he’d been in has made him more of a soldier than that training ever did. After the service of the last post he managed to continue in school while dil strove to get back into routine with her other little girl One of the things that had to be done that I started on first, though I cannot remember now why I was where I was to stop at that particular health dept. to get her death certificate, of all times to have gotten my very first pack of this new type of checks that don’t come in boxes any more, only though to learn that I could not get it; they would have to do it themselves, which they did, or more to the point, they stopped by the funeral home and they did it for them, in order for them to take it to the WIA office to document that it indeed did happen, to get an exemption/waiver for them to pay for him to go to school part-time that summer, when normally you have to go full-time, but with everything that had happened his schedule had gotten such that he didn’t need that many more classes. Also, by the time summer came and with all the classes that he had and, again, with everything that had happened, it was time to re-enter, move on, and pick up the pieces. They needed to begin again to support themselves. So….son got a full-time job in what he thought was his field, only it turned out to be at an auto recycling yard – not just a fancy name for just any old junk yard – but one of those that takes engines out of cars before they crush them, not exactly what he’d gone to school for the past 2 yrs. and not exactly what would help him move on past what had happened, not with the type people that typically work at those type places; no, they weren’t pleased with his education and set out to make it hard on him, actually throwing the fluids from the vehicles at him, almost blinding him; no, he wasn’t going to continue to work at that job – sorry – so then he goes to the other end of the spectrum – to, yes, an automotive repair shop, but one that does practically everything, including, yes, taking engines out of cars in order to either repair, rebuild, or replace them, which, yes, he’d taken in school but had had no experience with in real life. He was supposed to be under supervision but wasn’t; he was expected to be totally responsible for these jobs, even though he was not certified. And, then, he goes home for lunch one day, checks the mail, finds the letter from the hospital containing the autopsy report, opens it to find that what had taken his daughter was totally unrelated to what was wrong with her and not something that had ever even been mentioned to them, something the hospital unit that was supposed to have been taking care of her said they hadn’t even known, so…when he goes back to work, he leaves a car in gear allowing it roll across the parking lot; thankfully,at least this time there was nothing in the way – unlike years before with his little brother – but that wasn’t good enough for this employer – or maybe he was just trying to be nice when he told him to go home and come back when he could do better, so maybe it was still too soon or maybe those two jobs just weren’t what needed to be at that time – 3rd time – charm – chain automotive shop this time doing only brakes and such – just perfect, seemed to be the best there, until one mistake – or was it even one – false accusation by someone who didn’t like there being more wrong with his vehicle than what he wanted there to be so….but cameras not on, so no evidence but side with customer, and… by this time, winter coming – this old house they’d moved into was not suitable for it; they would not winterize it and they’d only moved there because they thought they were going to be bringing their little girl home and thought they needed the room, but in many ways glad – bad neighborhood, somewhat wonder what it’s like over there tonight – night of the Ferguson nonindictment – dil had had enough, she was ready to get out of town and… amazingly and thankfully, some people we know that owner finance houses had one come available right down the road but… also thankfully they will also rent, since, once again, yes, but, again, yes, another chain shop in another town but one can get to handily without going through the other one, so they can still move… lease almost up on the other place but they will let them out of it early

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I'm a transplant, born up north but raised in the middle, now I'm down here where you don't see too many snowflakes; I'll probably post just about as often (here at least)
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