Trip back up north

One of the things we did do, however, while we had the store, somehow, though I’m not sure how, was to take a trip back up to Detroit to see family and friends, although I wonder if they really grasped how much things would have changed, even in spite of hearing and seeing on the news and in the paper about the riots going on during that time; surely not or would we have gone? but then my dad was always somewhat of an optimistic person as well as a family person, so if he decided it was he probably just wouldn’t have worried too much about it; anyway, Detroit here we went.

But when we got there it was somewhat of a different story. My aunt and one uncle and their friend all lived pretty much close to downtown, where it was all happening, especially at night, though I can hardly believe we were going out then, but there we were, going right down what seemed to be the heart of it, with what appeared to be gangs all around – “don’t look out the back windshield”, which, I know, whoever does, but when you’re a 10 yr. old kid from a small town who’s never been to the big city before and everything’s new and exciting, well…and people would just step out in front of your car and seemingly dare you to run over them…hm, and when you got to their friend’s house you were told to duck and run straight to their door; don’t look left or right, wow….

it quickly became more – or less – than exciting – and you realized how glad you were that your dad wanted to get out and not raise you there, even though I don’t think he even envisioned all of that going on. Now, having said that, in all fairness, my other uncle lived in the suburbs where he and his family seemed insulated from it all and not having any problems and possibly had we actually stayed, or maybe had dad actually planned on staying we, in all likelihood, would have wound up there as well; however, with him not having planned on it, not sure how possible that would have been so just probably a real good thing we left when we did besides the fact that all my cousins, of both my uncles and my aunt, weren’t all older than me.

Both my uncle – my aunt’s husband – and my parents friend – were mugged.

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I'm a transplant, born up north but raised in the middle, now I'm down here where you don't see too many snowflakes; I'll probably post just about as often (here at least)
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