Home at Last

Meanwhile, my mom, who’d never left the farm, had moved to town to go to work at the factory while her brothers stayed on the farm and worked it, although did find out later that apparently at least one of them did come in to town and worked for an uncle at a cabinet shop for a while but wasn’t long before the shop moved to the town their grandparents had moved from so he either, though I can’t quite see that being the case back then, drove up there or moved, I’m more inclined to think and stayed with either him or another uncle; most of them were still there; only their grandparents had moved to the country and taken up farming. Most of them were carpenters, I believe, in town; they’d had a store they’d sold, think had been a dream of their grandfather, to farm. So finding herself in town, she met dad, something she probably never would have done back on the farm or, had she been able to, or had she still been there when they did all eventually move, either, because he never went that way; his family was all in the other direction, so…

so then, in addition to that, then he decides to follow his family that moved to Motor Town, something else that probably never would have happened, although the one brother who’d worked in that town then left, did also move for a while to Indiana but he didn’t stay as long as dad did in Detroit before he came back; not sure, maybe why, his wife, yes, even though they were younger, seemed they didn’t wait long to follow mom in getting married, didn’t go with him, maybe because she was already expecting their first child and he may not have wanted her up there with them by themselves; there wasn’t family there like was where mom and dad went, might have been another reason he didn’t stay as long but especially if his family wasn’t with him and if he didn’t want them there, think he decided he’d come home and make it there, which he did go back to working for his uncle at the cabinet shop but it wasn’t too long before he decided to strike out on his own and start building houses, then wasn’t too long before he just bought uncle out and owned the cabinet shop himself but this isn’t his story, so….

so Mom wound up taking a Greyhound to go to dad so to Detroit we go!

I wonder if she had any idea how long she’d be there when she made that trip or what her life would be like. But she did get a job and learn how to drive, which she didn’t before, another way she was behind his sister, who of course had been driving his car the whole time he was gone during the war and working out in the country the other way, while she had gone from the farm to just in town where she could walk everywhere.
She would tell stories of many wonderful Sunday afternoons on a place called Belle Isle in Detroit that they seemed to really enjoy going to; would have loved to have been able to see it myself but all things seem to change.
It’s ironic telling this this particular week, the week of my birth on their 11th anniversary, with my dad working night shift at the plant and mom at home passing out Halloween candy, with me not expected for another 3 wks. but she had to quit and get someone to take her to the hospital, which, for some reason, was out across town, next to dad’s plant, but in the days before cell phones and you didn’t call the plants and disturb them, not even for something like that, so she left a note on his pillow, where he would come home and go to bed; he carpooled with a friend, so not sure who was driving, but he comes home, finds the note, turns around, goes all the way back, only for me and mom to be sent back home, where maybe dad got a little sleep until she tells him she needs to go back, so he turns around again and takes us back; I sure was a lot of trouble already, wasn’t I? but this time was the real thing, but again, this was back in the day before they let dad’s in, just shooed them out of the way back then but maybe in this case good thing; poor dad was exhausted by then; he went out to the car and went to sleep; when went back in to go upstairs he met me in the elevator.
The time came when they left and went back home, where dad had always wanted to be back to.
Mom loved to quilt and loved her flowers so I always wanted to take her to the big national quilt show that just happened to start being held in the next town over from them and even made plans one year but then dad wound up in the hospital and she sure leave him and after that her eyes began getting worse and he started having to do more for her, stressing him out, besides her not being able to see them that well anymore anyway. But I’m not sure that even if he hadn’t wound up in the hospital and that hadn’t happened if she would have gone; she said it was too much and too many people anyway. They were married for 62 yrs. But I found her one with all different kinds of flowers, but only one per square, that she really loved for her spare bed, not hers and dads; he had one he liked on it, but for her spare room that she was fixing up so she loved so much, like a kid in a doll store getting a favorite doll. He would say she was losing it. No, my dad was the one who was getting lost but mom still hoped.

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I'm a transplant, born up north but raised in the middle, now I'm down here where you don't see too many snowflakes; I'll probably post just about as often (here at least)
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