The Pacific Theater

is what my dad was in in WWII. Then, when he came home and his parents had sold the farm; not even really sure he knew until he was ready to come home; may have even gone there first, but, surely somewhere along the way he knew but just know he always said he walked home and got there just in time for Christmas, maybe that was just from the local bus station; actually wouldn’t have really been that far from there to where they moved to; anyway without the farm to come home to, he had to get a job, which he did get one with the state and though I know there are others who managed to work for it and live, although, actually maybe not, since they did end up not having a family while working for it, certainly when he and mom got married he decided he would need something better, so, like so many others, with an aunt who’d gone with her husband up north to the Motor City, he decided he would as well; 2 other brothers went as well, but not sure if before or after, but the real thing is while they settled in up there and raised their families dad always said he wasn’t going to so he and mom never bought a house up there; I never really thought about how hard those years must have been for her because I’m sure she would have liked to have settled down somewhere, not sure she wanted it be there; she probably wanted to come home, closer to family, but then maybe not; she didn’t seem, in some ways, to have it too bad up there, but the day did finally come that he was ready to come home, once I was here. He’d of course been working at the car plant but they changed his job from one where he just had to stand and put screws on cars to one he was going to be putting bumpers on cars, which entailed standing in a pit then as each car would come by having to raise up and put the bumper on, so up and down all day and he was past 40 by then, said he was just too old, be too hard on his knees, so I can picture him saying to my mother that they could stay with her mother for a while, right? she’d lost her 2nd husband by then, so was living by herself. He considered that job change serendipity; he’d always said he didn’t want to raise me there, anyway, so was for the best; it was time to get out and what better timing, what with my grandmother’s situation having just become what it was. He just looked at life that way, validating it, I’m sure, with the idea that if mom hadn’t gone to the grocery that day and been walking home just as he went by with his sister, who knew her, he’d never have met her. Instead he said he saw that long red hair just aswinging and knew she was the one. I believe he felt he was destined to meet her.
They first came back to my grandmother’s, my mom’s mom, who was by herself at that point, having, not too long before, lost her 2nd husband; maybe this would have been before his farm was sold and my uncle, her brother, bought it, or maybe it was after, when she had moved to town to her own apartment; I wish I’d thought to ask, but never did; always pictured in being in the house I knew her in but she wouldn’t have lived there then yet, but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t with my aunt and uncle living in the house, so grandmother must not have lived with them there, or at least not for long, because it wasn’t that much longer before we came back; anyway we stayed there for a few months; dad was apparently kind to the renters of the house he had bought on a earlier trip back a few years before and had been renting out, with his mother taking care of it for him, and, knowing dad, possibly getting the rent money, since his dad had actually died not too long after he and mom got married but anyway he evidently didn’t just make them move out but apparently he either gave them 6 mos. or that’s when they moved out because we then moved in, to a house with no running water so had a cistern and an outhouse, although he didn’t intend for it to be that way for long; he intended to remodel but there was no water line on the road so he and a neighbor went and petitioned to get one but, unlike in the town where we lived with my grandmother where my uncle had basically done the same thing and it evidently worked, it didn’t work there, though they did eventually run one but not anytime soon, so my dad had taken another job also allowing him to see other houses and he found a much more modern, fairly new house on the side of town of the one we’d just moved from, while the other house was on the other side of town, so as much as we went to see mom’s family, maybe it all worked out for the best, especially considering my dad’s carpentry skills, or rather lack thereof, and also the fact that everything they had bought, such as new appliances, to go in this house, that they had put in storage, had gotten burned up in a fire at the storage facility and even though they sued them for not having insurance and won the judgment they never got reimbursed plus the fact that probably, at least possibly they would have felt they needed to come do it, but this one was right on the highway as well so definitely had water line, with running water to the house, indoor bathroom and kitchen sink, built by a builder for his own family so had all sorts of interesting features and dad was able to sell the old house for twice what he paid for it, that being 1/2 the price of the new one, which possibly/did probably make up for their loss, so God has a way, so we moved in, put new carpet down over the nice hardwood floor in the living room, which, yes, everybody did in those days, and settled in. Dad was home at last.

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I'm a transplant, born up north but raised in the middle, now I'm down here where you don't see too many snowflakes; I'll probably post just about as often (here at least)
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