Columbus Day – day of discovery – right

yep, we’re one of those – get/have to take, whichever way want to look at it – not official anymore but get floating holiday so have to use to take day off since the govt guys still get it so can’t go to work – anyway hub off

so long story but decided to run up to his favorite thrift store, see if could find a coat for little – well, not so little anymore – had her birthday couple weeks ago, turned 4 – granddaughter –

got there, maybe it’s this new vehicle but he wants to back in anywhere now so was doing so but not straight so pulls up to straighten up and back back in so stopped to do so and could not believe my eyes; while stopped this lady just backed right into us; not sure what’s going on with poor hub – maybe, like ins. lady just said today, after what had just happened to us, he’s gotten gunshy; anyway he just froze, was trying to get in gear to back up and could have gotten out of her way – but maybe like not taking the ditch with the other one to get out of his way but at least he didn’t try to deny it; but then she got out and tried to say we hit her, that we were still moving – well, I was sitting right there watching and that not going to fly. And she was going pretty fast, for a parking lot, because she really messed up her vehicle’s back bumper; didn’t hurt ours in this case; so cops were called –  because pretty sure it damaged enough for the limit for them to be called – thought she did but found out later he did – suspended our limits on our cell phone, found out. She called husband, turned out her insurance card she gave the police was expired but he didn’t know that husband said they don’t even have insurance with that company anymore so the info on the accident report was going to be wrong but doesn’t matter anyway depending on how he wrote it up, which we don’t have yet, but…

they called today, said their insurance company got their for them, which normally, no, does not happen, at least ours can’t get, but they said theirs wasn’t done officially either, that theirs has connections; well, oh, well, then they said that from ours on the report they called our company and found we hadn’t talked to them yet, turned one in, or filed a claim; well, if it’s as they say and says it’s their fault; well, duh, why would we, our insurance isn’t going to pay to fix their car if they hit us, but now they’re trying to say that hub said he would – well, they then said he said he would “take care of it”, well, after they said that the first thing, which is true, that she asked him was if he had insurance; yes, and we’ll tell them, but then she’s saying; well, what she actually said first; that he said he would pay for it and they were calling to tell us they’d taken it in and gotten a discounted estimate from someone they knew – ok? don’t quite think so but sometimes knowing him, could be but I’m certainly not passing on the info; then said they’d called our insurance and were told either we hadn’t talked to them or that we hadn’t turned in the report or filed a claim; true, we keep forgetting to see about it since not our fault and we not damaged, so called and think they did call but she gone to lunch; they very interested in this, so will see; they to call and really if they did call should have already

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I'm a transplant, born up north but raised in the middle, now I'm down here where you don't see too many snowflakes; I'll probably post just about as often (here at least)
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