The Wreck

realize been a while but for the first time in a while (how long, not sure, have to look) hub actually asked/expected me to go with him to a work day he’s been going to for several years that I haven’t/didn’t go to – know that year before last dealing with the hospital issues or actually rather when really think about it, wasn’t even here, was at my dad’s where he was in the hospital; anyway, this year he asked me to go, but now I feel really bad; was it because I was with him? anyway, we were on this stretch of this particular interstate that’s not our main one but that we have to go on and the traffic – in the left lane, which I wish we’d hadn’t been on, but hub had just passed this car because it was going too slow but was in the right lane so had passed to the left (of course) but apparently he then, for some reason, had also then gotten in behind us also in the left lane – just stopped; thankfully I can take no blame for anything at that point; I was talking or in anyway distracting hub, unless it was my very presence – that did happen once but for some reason we were going through town then – I think, for some reason of mine – where the traffic lights, instead of being overhead, were posted stationary on the side of the street, and I was reading the Reader’s Digest aloud, which he claimed – and maybe so since of course I was wanting him listen, right? – distracted him so that he ran one of those red lights running into a vehicle crossing right in front of us, which of course just had to be a rental being driven by an out of country – Japanese? – over here for the local Japanese plant in that town – great – anyway nothing like that going on here, so hopefully why hub was able to avoid the same thing; did not hit the vehicle in front of us, not even any swerving involved, just was following far enough behind, saw what was happening and able to stop in time; however, for whatever reason, this car behind us did not return the favor; I never even knew anything about any of this but hub of course saw him coming in rear view mirror; says he never slowed down and was going at quite a rate of speed – well, duh, we were on the interstate – splattered his little car but did hit us with enough force knocked ours off its frame, not easily driveable anyway; we didn’t drive away, was towed to the closed yard, left in ambulance. Just thankful youngest son’s old enough to drive and had gotten him a big enough vehicle to come get us and all our stuff that was in our vehicle, since we were planning on staying the weekend plus things that were mounted in that we wanted to get out, like his ham radio, etc. Got a stay in a motel out of it and breakfast at adjoining diner plus taxi ride there.

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I'm a transplant, born up north but raised in the middle, now I'm down here where you don't see too many snowflakes; I'll probably post just about as often (here at least)
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1 Response to The Wreck

  1. Tessa says:

    Sorry about the accident!

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