Happy Birthday – not

okay finally going to do this post –

last Thursday the 31st would have been our little girl’s 2nd birthday – waited the morning out on mom – we were supposed to go see her – but she’d been having her own issues – especially with her new insurance set to kick in the next day – found out this morning she’d called back to a place she’d tried before; guess thought it would work now with the insurance but wasn’t on the list so not sure why but that’s what they said when they called though don’t know why they couldn’t have just known that to begin with – anyway we did manage to finally get it done but it was really hard and I think it may have all been connected; she even sent me in to just the little local store, which may have worked out better this time anyway, to get a balloon since they didn’t have the helium ones anyway and people are getting concerned about those anyway so this year instead of releasing it we just stuck down beside her but she was having such a hard time that we really didn’t stay long so I didn’t get to do the other I was going to; instead wound up taking mom out to the ER and getting her a shot then just taking them home but by the time we got through with that and I came by the house hub was already home, a little early, and wanting to get the mowing done so I just stayed here, then he had to go get gas in cans for the mower but still I didn’t want to run off then though I’d hoped we could go together but he was wanting to get that done so just waited then any other night he would have gone to bed early but because he was trying so hard to get that done he just kept going and going; I’d called and they’d said they were open till 10, not just 9, so I’d thought there for sure wouldn’t be any problem but no, he ended up not going to bed until almost 10:00, till just maybe, barely enough time to get down there; it’s not really that far and everything might have been ok, except for youngest son, who normally doesn’t get in until around midnight came in just right after I left; now I didn’t think anybody cared about my comings and goings but he goes and asks his dad, in bed now, where I was, who of course had no idea, so…but I had told them and told them what I’d wanted to do; however, ……

Anyway I’d gotten a coupon for a free iced coffee from a local, to us anyway, restaurant called Jack’s, that I’d realized, when I got it, expired on her birthday so I’d saved it (or intended to but that’s another story) to use then in her memory. I’d thought mom and I and sis would go after we went to see her and did our balloon thing but that didn’t work out then I’d thought hub and I would go but then that didn’t work; I’d even thought possibly niece, who had stayed with her and we’d tried this last year, and I would go but that never seems to work out either, so I still wanted to go even if I went – or maybe by then especially – by myself, so as soon as he went I headed out – guess I could have told him but by then I just didn’t feel like it, couldn’t explain it; well, I could but they’d already said they didn’t understand so really I just didn’t want to have to try – just hoping to make it before they closed; well, they were still open, thankfully, but it looked like they’d cleaned everything up already, until….I mentioned that I’d just wanted a cup of iced coffee and they apparently still had some coffee left they hadn’t quite emptied yet; I’m guessing since there were still several people there they were saving that in case anybody wanted some, so…yes, they made me some but the really sweet thing is that I had actually lost my coupon so was just going to pay so don’t know if it’s because I got there so late or what but the manager said it was “on the house” even after I still tried to insist on paying so then I told him or the sweet little girl who actually fixed it and served me what my story was and it was just so sweet – it just made for a really special sweet memory that I will always cherish to end that very special day – what would have been her 2nd birthday. Thanks, Jack’s! (I did sent them a message letting them know)

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I'm a transplant, born up north but raised in the middle, now I'm down here where you don't see too many snowflakes; I'll probably post just about as often (here at least)
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