28 yrs. today

7 leap years later our anniversary is on the same day we got married on – a Saturday – and almost as hot – hub actually was able to check in this wonderful era we’ve found ourselves in – thinking today we got married right in the middle of a technological revolution – went thrifting today and saw a memory typewriter – remember when those first came out – had one – used one at work – the latest, coolest thing – no more typewriters erasers or correcting tape or even correcting selectric- all that horrible stuff – the advent of the work processor – all typing digital now; correct before it ever hits the paper – how cool is that – entering into a brave new world; anyway, now with just a click of a button able to look up the weather 28 yrs. ago – slightly hotter there than here but probably basically about the same; however, still limitations, doesn’t have the humidity factor, which I feel sure was much more there than here; had dated for the rest of the year but not through the summer before so had never seen him in the heat and humidity; he does not handle it well; was not good; wasn’t sure what I’d gotten myself into but today 28 yrs. later, wasn’t so bad; had a good day

but 28 yrs. ago today I’d won a meal at a restaurant called the Wagon Wheel, not unlike one now close to use that we’ve never eaten at, but then you can imagine, especially since we couldn’t afford a big fancy spread reception like people have now but then I’d never been to one like that then anyway, how hungry we were so really appreciated that nice meal; we’d decided rather than spend a lot of time on a trip we’d just spend the night at a cabin at the lake at the local state park and then enjoyed being able to just spend time there we decided to just stay and spend our honeymoon there, enjoying just walking around and spending time together.

Then we made our move to where he lived, getting here just in time for the annual Founder’s Day, which used to be held on that weekend but has now been moved to the first one; find that rather interesting. We’d decided to let me more or less have the summer off since I’d worked for so long, to just play tourist, so, like so many non-natives vs natives, I learned more about the touristy spots around than those who’d lived here all their lives; really enjoyed it. Then started back in that fall tutoring literacy with the local Adult Basic Education program that I’d been studying for in college before. Just enjoyed that first year, winding it up with helping with vacation bible school, then at the end with a trip to Florida, stopping on the way at the zoo at the capital then spending the night at another state park, camping this time, then being able to have dinner with my cousin in Florida before coming back home, the same trip to Florida our now 18 yr. old is on now. With buying and moving onto our land in between.

2nd year – pregnant with 1st son, born shortly before 2nd anniversary – had helped in vacation bible school the year before but not this year with him coming on Memorial Day weekend right before.

3rd year – busy with new baby

4th year – year of the no car, after the one I came into the marriage with bit the dust and for a lot of reasons we weren’t able to get another one, not that it was that big a deal; just enjoyed being home with a growing one year old and spending time with hub on the weekends exploring this new state I was living in since I was here and loving it; guess always been a book lover at heart but still remember one particular little thrift/used bookstore place found right over the line (yea I know) in the next state where found my first Louisa May Alcott book not of the Little Women series – her autobiographical Hospital Sketches, reprinted by Applewood Books – interesting because I found another reprint of her works by Stephen Hines at another bigger place like that. We did have another car by that year’s end however, thanks to his cousin.

5th year – this was a rough year for me, with hub joining the fire department, then ending with him losing his job

6th year – made for an interesting year what with hub being out of work for almost all of it but yet in some ways made it better with not having the pressure of a job, especially on top of being the first year in the fire department with having to do all the intial training, then he was awarded rookie of the year! then just as it seemed we would lose it all toward the end, he got a new job! which worked out good because by then he was through with all that training.

7th year – however, this job paid considerably less than his old job did – but thankful just to have him back at work!

8th year – struggling with finances, hub decides to go back to school to get his computer science degree that they didn’t offer when he was in school before.

9th year – we’d finally – long story – started again to try for another child and had not had any success so then we had finally decided to just quit worrying about it – if it happened, ok, and if not, we’d be okay with that as well; we’d still like to have one more but actually by this point we were getting concerned age wise – we weren’t that young when we got married – but I guess that did it – relaxing over it all – because, yes, this was the year! so ending on that note – for now…
on this our 28th anniversary is why we have our 18 yr. old – so, yes, that would be right now, wouldn’t it, since he was born during our 10th year of marriage; he’ll be 19 this year and he has been a real blessing, as has our other one as well of course but having the last one after so much has been different.
Been a good weekend.

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I'm a transplant, born up north but raised in the middle, now I'm down here where you don't see too many snowflakes; I'll probably post just about as often (here at least)
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