It’s Over – well, maybe

At least the surgery is over; had the hysterectomy Wednesday of last week and what a crazy day it turned out to be; with being in town anyway once they took her back and came out and told us they had her, left little one with her dad and papa, dare I say “babysitting”; no, why, she’s his child too, though I’d like to just grab him (her dad/son not hub) up by the scruff of his neck and get him out of all these electronic devices I didn’t raise him on – anyway left and went to the local VA clinic to confirm the orders for the new home care and sure enough the nurse said couldn’t be done because his doctor was on vacation so told her the arranging person had told me there was a doctor covering that could and should take care of this; oh you should have seen the look on her face but she just then told I just needed to take it up with them then and turned around and walked off so I went to the front desk to ask them to contact her rather than just do it myself; wanted them to know what had happened and they were not happy; wonder if they’ll report her, it’s her job not the front desk people’s but I got a good one who reached out above and beyond and we contacted the arranger again and she said she would take care of it; this time she’ll send the note directly to the covering doctor instead of his actual one to have to depend on the nurse to deliver – ok, back to the hospital where, yes, papa’s had her out walking around but left for work when I got back, so stayed till we got her settled in her room, once the fire drill was over and we got the cleaners out who said they have to stay there an hour; uh, yea, the nurse not happy to hear that one either – anyway, hadn’t heard anything by then so made the trip back and sure enough, here comes the nurse again to run me off again – uh, no, not this time – I’m here for the duration so….it took a little while but she did come out and tell me it was done. And, oh, yea, the other one did end up not coming today after all; she’d actually come the day before but not for discharge then came first thing the next morning for that but not that day, thankfully – and oh, btw, when her doctor came in to see her in her room later he did say he saw then when he got in there why she’d been in so much pain the past 2 yrs., that she did have a lot of scar tissue buildup, so…

About donnainthesouth

I'm a transplant, born up north but raised in the middle, now I'm down here where you don't see too many snowflakes; I'll probably post just about as often (here at least)
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