Job Ups and Downs and The Birthday

Feel like trying to play catch up again – posted about son’s losing his job over all the stuff that happened and it being a favor, in a way, which it was, somewhat, at the time, but then came the time after everything that happened that it was time to get back in gear – oh, maybe not  in the grieving, mourning sense and that’s a whole other topic and issue but somewhat for the way I’ve slanted this at least for now, financially, it needed to happen for us, although in this time frame since other things have happened but that’s another issue as well; anyway hub told son he needed to try to get back to work so…first think thought he’d found an automotive position but turned to actually be at a car crushing facility – automotive recycling, they call it now; by now, today, just pointed out to hub they’ve put one in just down the road from the house, which, in all of that, he’d applied for a position at an actually automotive repair shop just down the road from there, which I wish I’d looked at/for today, but it was a small, independent shop and I believe it may be gone already; seems he had a buddy on down the road from there but seemingly because it was small and independent and interesting, somewhat a whole manager concept or maybe just old school hitting new one, he wanted him to be already certified, maybe because he wasn’t and you pretty much now have to have somebody involved who is, and since he’s not quite yet; really can’t be quite yet, needed that yrs. experience after school in order to even be able to test for it, he couldn’t get that position but working at an “auto recycler” is not the place to be able to qualify either and after almost getting hit by one of those engines they were taking out and not telling him like they were supposed to; they seemed to be the type like this deputy the other day who shot someone in Wal-mart but that, too, is another story; and also they were supposed to work with him on his school, which at the time, he was supposed to still be trying to work out – even though seems he found out couldn’t quite anyway but they told him then after he started they couldn’t be accommodating his school even though it was only to allow him to come in to work just an hour late, but no…so when that happened plus he got sick because they had him out in the hot sun all day, which they hadn’t told or shown him before would be the way it would be so wound up in the ER over that plus is that where he got the metal in his eye? so that needed to be the end of that; not sure which way it went, but not good except good in some ways for it to be over.

Now he then did get a job at an actual automotive repair shop where he was supposed to have the supervision he’s supposed to have in order to be able to test for his certification but again, what was promised ahead of time was not what was delivered after; he was “thrown”, if you will, out to work on vehicles on his own, in any type of situation, not of all of which he had the experience to handle on his own and not getting the help that he needed or was promised; they didn’t have time and if he couldn’t handle it maybe he didn’t need to be working there and maybe he didn’t, but he’s not the one who misrepresented; they were, and then came the fateful day of what would have been our little one’s first birthday, which was a hard day for him, anyway; maybe that’s where the pushing to start too soon came from, which leads to whole other issues regarding the whole financial situation, but between all of that and the job situation there he wound up leaving a customer’s car out of gear and it getting out of control at the shop; not sure who took care of it, don’t think it actually hit anything but could have been really bad so….not quite as bad as could be, didn’t actually get fired, don’t come back ever but….think need to go home till can handle it, so…..but, again, maybe a favor, because, again, like said, not good situation really anyway, not what or where he needed to be yet, anyway, not just because of that but because of their, unacknowledged, misrepresentation – new management had already fired all the old staff and was trying to start over and build the business back up so really wasn’t in a position to do what he needed to have done but again the pressure to get a job may have contributed to him possibly misrepresenting himself, not that he would have said he was certified but he’s always the type to inspire confidence that, attribute-wise anyway, he can do the job, which, had they done their part like they said and possibly under other circumstances, had that date not happened just when it did, he could have but not then so…..

But, again, maybe a favor, because then he found a job more suitable to where he was at the time – he even told them up front the situation and circumstances and they worked with him, not that that really had to be that much at that job; it just didn’t have all the variations anyway so he could work more steadily on one type of thing and get that experience under his belt and not have to deal with the stress of being stretched to his limits every day so…job gain – good thing – leading to the next situation

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I'm a transplant, born up north but raised in the middle, now I'm down here where you don't see too many snowflakes; I'll probably post just about as often (here at least)
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