Court all Dismissed

oh, you didn’t know there was any court – well, maybe because I haven’t posted in a while so…first, just some housekeeping – my dad passed away January 7, so… while hub on his way up to out of state where I already was turns out they’d changed a law that now you no longer have to be doing anything else to get stopped for not wearing a seat belt or some other things either or maybe not, maybe just the deputies are doing it, you know, the ones that know you anyway and don’t like you; well, glad I hadn’t already posted this because just found out today had my intersections wrong so does fit; son was just still up here on this mountain at this 4-way, where they know him, although his last incident was down in the valley, so…anyway not the one down there…when they stopped him, on his way to work, his new job,  for the no seat belt, but not sure if I’ve posted about his speeding ticket incident (I’ll look) coming back from GA having gone over there to get a personal part for his old boss and trying to get to class on time but more to the point forgetting(?) about it or at least not paying it – which, after this, believe me, when he got that big tax refund, he did take care of it, although not really sure he should have had to but then again he knew he had class that night but he ended up not gaining anything; took the extra money he made doing it for the ticket….so when they ran him they found a warrant for his arrest for not going to court over there, which, being in a different state, never thought about it being a big deal; however, it’s a border state so…..took him in, but somehow, even though normally you don’t see a judge that quick he talked them into it, maybe…anyway saw one, told him he had wife, child to support, job he’d just started – although his coworkers told his boss even if he had to stay for 3 mos., which is how long he’d been told he might have to sit there waiting on them to come get him, that they take their time, that they couldn’t fire him, they needed him, he was that good – something to be thankful for – but couldn’t afford to, was told – by the judge? – when who? stuck the waiver of extradition papers under his nose, to then not sign them, so he didn’t, so somehow, somebody? contacted GA – had to get the judge at home? I understand – they couldn’t even find the warrant in their system? – got the ok to be bonded out from here/there/local anyway and be on his way with a court date for an extradition hearing – so hub pulled off the interstate to a Wal-mart, did a Wal-mart to Wal-mart money transfer for dil to go to the local one, pick it up, and get him out so he could go on to work


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I'm a transplant, born up north but raised in the middle, now I'm down here where you don't see too many snowflakes; I'll probably post just about as often (here at least)
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