Certification vs Degree

Know it’s been a while; lot has happened, not the least of which is that through a lot of circumstances, middle son of last post re school changed jobs which put a crunch in the whole school thing anyway so ended up not going this semester anyway, so none of all the last ended up mattering after all. Does turn out that new job does have a master technician officially as overseer who can sign off on his ASE certification exams, which had turned out that the old job didn’t have after all we found out after all that had happened; no signs up indicating, which we hadn’t noticed before – should have – took seeing them on the outside of the shop next door to think about – which should have noticed those earlier as well but as long as things going well plus everything else going on just hadn’t. The master technician at this job is not onsite full-time; he has two other places he oversees as well, which is part of why we hadn’t been sure here either as well for a while because it hadn’t seemed as if the onsite manager knew as much as son did but then we’ve found out the manager doesn’t actually have to; that’s what they have the techs for; however, the master overseer told son if he took and passed his ASE exams he’d reimburse him, so he’s set up to take those this month or next, then just as business seemingly has slowed down, while just lately it had seemed it had really picked up such that he was having to work over; I think possibly they’ve looked at their payroll and things aren’t working out so they’re needing to rebalance their books, so they’re now cutting hours; I think just needs to be looked at as one of those feast over famine, that when things are going well and you’re bringing in good checks need to balance that out that not only it’s not going to stay that way but it’s also not going to just go back to square one but will be cut to balance so need to do it yourself as well but not sure they have so not sure where that’s going to leave things, especially with what they did do with their tax refund, which, yes, they did get another big one this year one thing especially since they were still able to claim their other little girl from last year like they did last year even though they didn’t have her all year last year (if anybody remembers what happened; not that she was taken away and given to someone else), as in paying their rent up some ahead of time but that’s over and this coming up month is when it is going to be due again, although, found rather interesting, landlord themselves forgot and called them up first of this month to ask when they were going to pay it and had to be reminded; just glad it wasn’t an issue when they did, but otoh, son does seem to have been endeavoring to put money back, so guess maybe has had to have been out of these good paychecks, for the upcoming rent, in spite of dear wife seemingly not really understanding and keeping coming up with things she needs/wants to use it for, which, some of it, true enough, is legitimate, but then rent is as well, but that’s another issue, so guess we’ll see how it goes now. How well prepared they’ll be for other things or if need be with the cuts but the real point being her first solution is him getting another job, which, true enough, he’ll have time to see but the certification might still be an issue and he still has that offer on the table even now, so still might behoove him to endeavor to hang in there till he gets that done; again, guess we’ll see.


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I'm a transplant, born up north but raised in the middle, now I'm down here where you don't see too many snowflakes; I'll probably post just about as often (here at least)
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