Battling the College

Middle son started back to college/technical school first semester (winter/spring – whichever you call it) last year after having gone while still in high school then being out for several years, during which time the school went from being strictly a tech school to becoming an accredited full fledged community college while still having technical programs but dropping their diploma programs for them, which, while he probably didn’t really know or realize he’d declared that as his option, was what he was in, probably because I either did it for him or that’s the way it had to be with him being still in high school, but now he could either get just a “measly” “little” certificate, which actually might be okay, or go for a degree, which of course is what they encourage and is what he did, at least in part because that’s the only thing that WIA would pay for,  so he’s pretty much finished up all his technical courses, with one exception of one course that he supposedly skipped over and seemingly under the old tech school rules would therefore get credit for but not under the new community college accreditation rules so he thought he signed up to take it this next semester and then finally take his one required math course that he started last fall then dropped out of with everything going on but then missed early registration (would be nice if they’d notify you) so both of its sessions filled up and then finally take the orientation course you’re supposed to take when you start (like younger son took as a jump start course – a mini seminar technically right before school officially started and which caused problems, at least for him, not sure about the others he took it with) but didn’t have to when he started since he started while he was still in high school then when he started back he wasn’t technically starting at the beginning of the program so it seemingly apparently was overlooked that he hadn’t had it so should take it along with the graduation orientation course you take as you’re getting ready to graduate. But those graduation courses are only 1 credit hour each so those 4 courses don’t add up to a full 12 hr. load so he talked to his WIA guy, because it requires him to go full-time but also that all his classes be part of his degree program and he told him to talk to the WIA person at the school, which, in doing, they at least at first told him he had the credit already for his math class; they showed he’d passed it and made an A, so weren’t sure if his teacher just went ahead and did that for him because of the extenuating circumstances, so they were going to try to contact her to see but then apparently not but also he’d missed signing up for it but now they’ve opened up another session (that also happened with youngest son as well) that he’d better get there first thing to get signed up for before this one fills up as well but then also because of his gap in school and the change they’d made from tech to community, turns out they’d doubled their courses on their degree plan, as in having them down twice and not realizing it so were having him down as needing more classes than, as they began to realize it, that they began to say he did, as in that automotive but also the one he’d signed up for turned out to be the one he just had this semester so not offering it this next semester so now seemingly things have just switched from taking the automotive and not the math this next semester to now taking the math and not the automotive but now they’re saying he may not have to take it after all, that he may be able to get the credit for it, so….but now none of this resolves the issue of whether WIA will pay or not but we’d already talked about just having to bite the bullet and pay for – well, we were talking about just the math but then now it would have to be the orientation ones as well – them out of pocket. And then will have to see about the Pell Grant. So see what tomorrow brings with that…

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I'm a transplant, born up north but raised in the middle, now I'm down here where you don't see too many snowflakes; I'll probably post just about as often (here at least)
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