And Then They Blew It

Yep, when the field examiner turned in the paperwork changing dad’s address, which, did it matter anyway; he wasn’t getting a paper check before; whoever put it in the computer put my street address, his city and state and my zip code; now we caught that at the bank, when I finally got there, after finally getting a new duplicate driver’s license (after letting mine get thrown away after it getting dropped in a grocery bag after using it to verify a check, which I’d had to write after having to get a new debit card after the same thing happening to it basically and not getting it authorized yet to keep it from being overused,  after the bank had to have a “valid” one, like I’ve really changed that much that they couldn’t tell who I was by my old one, after turning out that the tag office right there in town, like ours, but unlike it in the sense that ours does driver’s licenses as well, that one doesn’t and by the time I could get to one or the other of the closest ones that does, since they’re neither one that close, wouldn’t be able to get there and back before the bank would close, so had to just let it go then and then the next day when I wound up at yet another driver’s license office, to get my dil her first in-state ID, it had to be done at the state office, which required a social security card, which, like the good citizen I am, don’t carry with me, so still couldn’t get it then, until finally could get a chance to get down to my closest office, which is right down the road but seemed to be the hardest to get to; anyway caught at the bank but didn’t tell that too late for the check that they said would have to be mailed this month – duh – just said should be mailed by the end of the month since the first was over the weekend and even really should be mailed early, really? with it being Thanksgiving week or maybe because of that – so should get early the next week/month, although later told whole point was to get by the end before that weekend – ok, fine, most bills – though had forgotten one – not due for another week anyway so everything should be good, except, didn’t come and didn’t come, until when finally checked that’s when found out gone ahead and sent to the wrong address, so where or where did it go? could have come on since had right zip code and could have come on to my little personal post office, in which case, would come on especially since now they’re looking for it and will call me if/when it comes, maybe still yet tomorrow although really should definitely be here by now for sure if so unless pulled at the big place and either sent to their Return to Sender hub or sent to city and state on it, where there is no such valid address there, in which case, here we go again, it would be pulled and either sent to their Return to Sender hub or sent down here, but at least in this case, she says we’re not the only one; she’s had a lot of strange government/military stuff coming in and having to be rerouted so she’s basically just sent them all to the RtS hub since hasn’t really had time to pull and sort them all individually, especially right now with holiday mail starting – anybody say Christmas cards? – so then possibly waiting for it to be sent back to sender – can you say U.S. Dept. of Treasury? but have to say rather impressed with their system – they have a special department just for lost checks rather easy to get to talk to a real person there who seems to have real live common sense; was so upset when found out they’d been given bogus address and seem to be willing to do whatever takes to get this straightened out; they just have to get it back but they said the same thing I was told the first time by the VA, that their supervisor has the authority to stop payment on it before that point even though the supervisor herself today told me she doesn’t, that they have to have the authority from the Treasury; not sure but Treasury lady said they – the VA – tells everybody that and she doesn’t know why because not so and told me to call them back then get her on conference and we all talk together and get this straightened, so again, see what tomorrow brings…. 

About donnainthesouth

I'm a transplant, born up north but raised in the middle, now I'm down here where you don't see too many snowflakes; I'll probably post just about as often (here at least)
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