Road Man Showed Up

When we saw the bulldozer go by decided we oughta go see what was going on; would sure hate for the neighbors up the hill to have hired the guy to work on the road, expecting us to pay our portion, without telling us, so headed to see about it. Was glad at least it was the guy we’d had do our driveway 4 years ago; guess shouldn’t be surprised; the neighbor’d just looked at and commented on how well it’s held up, besides the fact that all the “high-falutin” contractors they’d wanted to hire were – either too busy with their own projects, such as their subdivisions they’re building or – we’re still just too beneath their radar for them to want to come so charged a ridiculously expensive price and this one’s just glad to be working; he’s not trying to be somebody fancy. But did turn out he had been hired to do just the hill and down to our driveway where it splits off the road, the part they’re responsible for, at least as long as we don’t move our driveway and start using that part, which considering how steep it is and how hard to keep up, not sure we want to get into dealing with that and when asked about the rest of it said waiting on our neighbor on the other side, who is also a road contractor who at least used to spend most of his time building roads for the fancy subdivisions of the people even fancier than the other guy who’s trying to build his own, where these people hired people like him to do theirs. Anyway, he’s basically been keeping ours graded for quite some time while bringing in gravel and sod for his own projects that the other neighbor’s been wanting him to use on the road – at no charge or course; since he has it just sitting around,not using it, since he’d had to start being busy being on the road trucking with the economic downturn while the other neighbor was able to – or had to – take early retirement from his job but fortunately got out with his investment/retirement intact so he has both the money and the time but not the expertise – even though he does have a small tractor with a blade – to work on the road but he just thinks this other neighbor who’s still having to work to make a living – wonder if the fact that the one has kids and the one doesn’t might have something to do with it – anyway, thinks he should take care of the road even though the other one uses more of it; he did buy a truck to handle but not his wife who actually lived here first with her first husband; she’s probably the one who’s putting him up to it because she’s probably really the one who doesn’t want to spend the money on either the road or a suitable vehicle even though she’s the one who’s still working as well; her mother used to take care of it and since she passed away she hasn’t done anything and actually they’re really the cause of the other neighbor not wanting to do anymore because of issues they had in the past but at least they were willing to put their money where their mouth was but not her, so we’ve just been limping along, until possibly now….except no, they haven’t really talked to him particularly about this, as in actually presenting him with a quote/estimate from this road contractor and a expectation of his part, not that it will probably do any good anyway, which they probably know. He can take care of his part, which leaves us right where we were the first time this happened, only that time they were “kind”? enough to allow us to use their part where they did use what they at least at that time claimed was their right of way/easement, which has since been somewhat disproved or at least it’s been somewhat claimed by the other neighbors and they’ve taken the part the others used before and put in a pond so that won’t work this time but then since then of course is when the work was done on the part that’s still there that’s allowed them to do that but that part’s never been done right; it’s been left out; it’s been either the part behind up on that hill or the part before up on the level after you get to the top of that hill, leaving this hill left out, so….he’s been trying to tell them what really needs to be done, he didn’t want to just do it halfway and it not hold up and either have to be redone or be right back where we are now, which is still way better than it had gotten to at that point, so….it will cost quite a bit of money, which should have been spent before all this economy downturn, when they had it as well, even though he would do the work itself gratis but they didn’t want to spend their part then or maybe not even now, not sure how much money and/or work they’re actually really wanting done, not sure if they’ve actually gotten a price/quote from this road contractor; thought might find out this afternoon but got caught up in other monetary issues that didn’t work out so….see about that as well, as well as the more immediate situations, so….see what tomorrow brings


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I'm a transplant, born up north but raised in the middle, now I'm down here where you don't see too many snowflakes; I'll probably post just about as often (here at least)
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