To the VA

Turns out didn’t matter about getting him an appointment; got the letter to come in for the regularly scheduled labs, so, especially since others gone on vacation when this happened – had to be, right, just to upset them for not being here to be able to insist on them not “imposing” on me since that would mean that what they really needed wouldn’t get done, since they don’t have a clue, even though they’ll sure be glad when it gets done – oh well – took them in and asked about said certification/rating, got a printout from them stating he also (as well as dad they let slip, even though I knew it) is nonservice connected but stating also that he’s employable – can tell how old this information is by that – now way now – but no certification or rating; however, again, especially since no doc appt till January – which I don’t understand, since always understood from it about with my dad shouldn’t be longer than 10 days from labs or no longer valid, but oh well – left the doc examination form with the nurse as they said and she would call. Now I do not understand this people saying they call and get message saying number disconnected but for whatever reason even though I was right here that’s what she said happened when she tried to call when she called their house and told them the form was ready – really? without any questions or exam? hm – turns out to be a new nurse – here we go again, just been going through that with dad – as well as almost all the staff, not ever having seen him – who just said the doc completed it based on the records in his file, which turns out may be sufficient but I’d been told there were new “triggers”, if you will, such as his falling and not being able to get up, as well as some other things, that the doc hadn’t been told about yet because she hadn’t seen him and they hadn’t called, been saying it’s been too hard to get through, calls being routed to main office but apparently just hadn’t been having correct number because the number she left with her yesterday I got straight through on; believe been way more than that to it with all that’s been going on. However, after talking back with her she says now she does know about the falls – maybe he’s been being able to get himself up, though? which would be different. Looks like may be going to town tomorrow after all since didn’t make it today so may go ahead and call even see if still have and not having sent off and see if can still get and/or at least see how filled out….

did get to talk to the people she had talked to that had done this same thing with/for their father; he lives in a different county so they went to that courthouse; she filled out the paperwork with asking them some questions then they brought it back to him to sign and took back, probably sent to establish claim date but still not sure I could get her but then with what’s happened now quite possibly could, so might be something to consider, depending….were told have to be given an answer in 90 days – and were – while in the meantime, have to find the actual caregiver/helper they’re wanting/needing to take care of their father, which would typically then be what we would have to do, and then the field examiner calls….

is at the house next door so direct him on down – said could use her as a character witness, so need to get with her to let her know….

we get through our paperwork – more on later –

then talk to him about this situation – really like him; he had said take about an hour and had said he had another appt. out this way – but what didn’t tell was he is laidback – may take a little longer to get to you but when he does gives you time – he allows actually 2 hrs. for questions, to talk, etc. really nice – had him confused, however, as to whether he’d come to the right place at the right time – but later again –

he had suggestion to use their son and daughter-in-law, who live next door – or I guess, really they live next door to them, since they moved last – since expected they actually really provide the care even though they don’t actually stay with them, which I guess, true enough, you don’t have to actually do, but he was talking in terms of preparing their meals at their own house and just taking them to them and that is question on the doc form, which, again, true enough, he can’t do, since he never has, like my dad, always had a wife and in his case still there; she just getting to where she hardly feels like it herself, she’s gotten so worn down, maybe she’ll recover, just have to see but that not all there is to it and there are supposed to be set stated number of hours they are there but again can see…..

thought could be perfect solution until talked to her and wasn’t any of that the issue; loved that, except what she brought up was would it be considered taxable income, not for them, which it’s not, but for the son and dil, which, yes, technically, it would – that if it would be he wouldn’t want to do it at least if it would throw him up into another tax bracket, which is another issue….

however, since it’s not considered taxable to them they’re not required to report it on their taxes, which, yes, they do still file, which I’d wondered about for a while, but since gotten their income now in relation to this, found out they are required to but not required to report this income, which means, to me at least, technically son and dil wouldn’t have to either and don’t believe there’d be a problem depending on what they do with it but might be in their mind, so might have to see or…

she brought up me just doing it; hm….not the tax issue the concern here but just how much help does she want – and – just how much help does he need, which need to see what the doc thinks, which now have her somewhat concerned re her saying he doesn’t that she’ll fight – okay, well and good, but then how ya gonna handle it – don’t quite see it being able to be both ways but…will see what tomorrow brings

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