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When the VA field examiner called to see about coming today he said he would need exact amounts in dad’s checking and other bank accounts so knew the only way to ensure being able to get those – if even then – would be to go into his account online, which I’m glad I’ve at least gotten set up, thanks to their encouraging me to do so since I’m here and he’s there and I’m likely to get someone who doesn’t know and even if I do they’re really supposed to go through the verification process, which is understandable; however, learned probably need to keep a closer check on things if for no other reason than if you don’t often enough – for privacy’s sake, somewhat no doubt – they purge you out of the system, to an extent at least, and you have to get new user name/password – you know, all that stuff, which thankfully yesterday was a nice calm day after the wisdom teeth surgery so that wasn’t a big deal; got it done and indeed both accounts did show up so got them printed out so no problem there but….

forgot they also wanted copy of the checking account statement to go over expenses but okay,

he’s here today – no prob – just go back in and get – um, no, no go

so had to call after all and somehow got routed to a totally different city – so strange, all the changes – first of all this is a hometown bank that actually bought the chain they’d actually gone to doing business with after doing it with the other one for years but then this other bank had gone in where their savings and loan was that they really liked better anyway but that was just back in the day when those two things were totally separate and couldn’t do the same thing, somewhat like credit unions used to be as well; anyway had no idea until somewhat recently how big this “hometown” bank had gotten – maybe the fact they tore down the whole rest of the town block of the side of the court square where they’d sat on the corner and took it over with a big brand new building besides the other branch they built and also closing down the branch down the street that they’d taken over – anyway they’re not just a “hometown” bank anymore although that is where they’re keeping their headquarters but they have branches all over, at least in the area now and apparently their phone system will route you to them, so, of course she didn’t know me and had to go through some verification processes but instead of it being the type questions I thought she’d ask – you know – who was dad’s first grade teacher, etc.  – no, she asked if I knew exactly how much is direct deposited in his checking account each month by Social Security; sure glad this field examiner had gotten that info from dad when he’d seen him so was able to tell her; otherwise, I couldn’t get it that close; guess I’m as bad as dad was when the VA rep went to see him last year when we started this; he couldn’t remember either but good thing he’s always been so…organized – I so want to be that way but he never got as involved in other people all the time like seems I’m always doing – anyway keeps those forms they send you first of every year in a little organizer on his counter so was able to get it right out then, while this other situation – learning it’s another situation all right….but another later

so got that done but then only to be informed that since did all that yesterday would be another day before could get into the statements so, really, since learned it’s somewhat of a different part of system probably couldn’t have done it when got the other printouts anyway but – hm, not going to work with him here today needing it but….so thankful do have a fax machine….so…she was willing to just fax it to me; whew, so thankful….

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I'm a transplant, born up north but raised in the middle, now I'm down here where you don't see too many snowflakes; I'll probably post just about as often (here at least)
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