Confusion and Clarification

When the VA field examiner called to see about coming today I was so proud of myself that I did actually connect the wisdom teeth extraction yesterday with the fact that I probably would be definitely (?) have to be home today for we would be in recovery mode; what I didn’t expect was that we wouldn’t be, at least in the having to stay at home sense; no, son got up and went to school today; now part of why that’s so signicant is a big expo they were having today that I really in some ways feel I should have gone to but maybe that fits under the rock theory heard about last night; anyway…

probably wouldn’t have really mattered anyway since today’s when he had to come out this way anyway but didn’t know when he had to be at the other place; if we were before or after; turns out we were before, not sure if should have expected that by him wanting to come this morning, so could possibly have all worked out and maybe my fault I didn’t just make it be so…

however, as we were talking he made a comment that he wasn’t sure if he’d come to the right place right time or not because he was saying that when he was making the calls to set up the time that one of the people he was talking to said that today would be perfect because they were going to have to be home anyway because their son would be home recovering from wisdom teeth extraction yesterday but obviously that wasn’t here – though, actually, how he would really have known that since he didn’t know son was old enough to drive to know that car wasn’t here or had he been in his room, couldn’t have known whether he was here or not either so…- so was quite surprised to hear me tell him, that, no, he wasn’t mistaken, he was at the right place, I was the one who had told him that but that he wasn’t feeling nearly so bad as I’d been making allowance for and he had indeed gotten up and gone on to school; matter of fact, he met him leaving as he was coming in – not finding his tarp over his wood at first as well, so….but turns out it was there, just had been blown off somewhat…but, didn’t matter since he’d said he had to be out this way anyway, I wouldn’t have not allowed him to come just because I wanted to do something else; would I have liked to – wouldn’t I always – but there’s that big rock thing again; much as rather not, if this has to be done, willing to put it first, then trust the other to work out


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I'm a transplant, born up north but raised in the middle, now I'm down here where you don't see too many snowflakes; I'll probably post just about as often (here at least)
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