Orienting the Orienter

Thought we had the financial stuff all squared away with the youngest until he got an e-mail saying he was being dropped from his classes because they weren’t paid for. Huh! the school’s the one that was supposed to pay for them with the money they got first, so…and then they even sent him more money; turns out they forgot to pay for one of his classes so were going to drop him from all of them…but, just like before, he’s continuing to go until they get this all straightened out, all, that is, except the one they didn’t pay for, which was an orientation class that he took as a pre-class workshop but even if he hadn’t it doesn’t last all semester so is completely over with now with no way of taking it now, which he shouldn’t have to do anyway since he’s already taken it and his teacher is no longer even on campus he finally found out but he had his e-mail so got in touch with him and he’s trying to take care of it. Seemingly, as I understand, he’s already even turned in all of the work so he doesn’t even have any way of verifying because this class is handled administratively, so it should be in the system somewhere. Scary, since the lady with the system was trying to say he wasn’t even taking any classes anyway until her co-worker that she called over to look at it told her she was looking at next spring’s schedule, which is now available for registering for current students but he can’t seem to do that for getting things straightened with this one -so, duh! but is that the caliber we’re dealing with? She was going to try to say we’d gotten the money for all those classes and kept it and not taken any and were going to owe all of that back – goodness. He was excited about the money at first because he’s wanting to take a trip and the money he had gotten is already gone but it’s not designed for that anyway; not sure fully understand why it’s not lasting; think it’s going for things other than what it’s supposed to but he is understanding he needs to hang on to it at least until this class thing gets straightened out, which the trip isn’t for a while anyway, because it is the money that should have been used to pay for this class they’re saying he for sure didn’t take; they’re conceding the other at this point since he still going. so, see what happens – he’s getting a real lesson in administrative bureaucratic incompetence; hate to see it happen so young at the very school that’s supposed to be giving him an education – well, they are, but not one I think they’re intending – hopefully the academic side is better, but still….


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I'm a transplant, born up north but raised in the middle, now I'm down here where you don't see too many snowflakes; I'll probably post just about as often (here at least)
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