Back Home at the Dance

It finally happened; they found grandpa basically in the throes of a heart attack, so much so, that when the paramedics got there they said they were bypassing the local hospital which can’t do interventional catherization and taking him straight to the one in the next town which can. Sure enough they basically took one look at him and pretty much said they would one and place a stent; however, since he couldn’t go a stress test so they did nuclear testing and said his artery was 99% blocked; so they went in and placed a stent and now after only a few days he’s back at the dance hall – not sure if he’s actually dancing, however – but maybe that’s been the problem all along -guess we’ll see but…

not sure if he’ll need the lift chair after all but if he does dad’s has been taken out of his house, along with the old broken-down junky recliner that had wound up there after the last broken-down junky recliner had been taken out; that being the one that I believe being the one that got burned in the garage fire or was that the one before he already had out there on the other side we replaced the burned one with – not sure how he wound up with all those old broken-down junky overstuffed too big recliners for my small parents – just could hardly find the regular kind anymore  – because of all these super-sized people that my parents didn’t become – getting somewhat easier now and may be what replaced with. Dad hadn’t really used the lift chair anyway; of course, that might be because it didn’t work anyway but that could be just because the mechanism had gotten pulled out – oh well, anyway he seems to be feeling better anyway; maybe the blood and the shot’s working after all. Anyway all this done because grandson ran across a deal on a living room suite – couch, which also got thrown out, btw – love seat, I believe, and I think a recliner, which I’m hoping/assuming is smaller; not sure exactly how it’s all going to fit in there, but guess will see. Glad for it since he’s the one that had broken it all down anyway; of course, the recliners had all been in bad shape anyway when they got them; they were just brought in as ran across as the others got worse/too bad to use because, like said, couldn’t fine good ones the right kind. Now the couch had been my grandmother’s that she had special ordered not long before she passed away but believe only ordered to get it in the specific fabric she wanted and because it came from one of the old-fashioned type furniture stores that you had to order from; couldn’t buy off the floor, not because it itself was anything special; in many ways it only looked nice; had those frau-frau little spindley legs that screwed into the bottom that tended to wallow out, then come off and not be able to put back in, so had been dealing with that for quite some time anyway; had just hated to do anything with it “because it belonged to grandmother” but it was time; shame look so nice and be of such poor quality but then that can be said of many things, can’t it? looks can’t hide character forever, so out it went. More the shame that dad didn’t even notice.

And on another note finally made it to the ENT with dear granddaughter, decided tonsils not the problem after all but adenoids completely blocking so surgery scheduled for this coming Tuesday – yes, the day before younger son’s wisdom teeth surgery so….

dad had his audiology appointment last Monday with podiatry appointment scheduled for January to pick up hearing aids that day as well but…

when got to his hematology appointment later that day heart rate down to 43 so….

ended up getting a cardiology appointment that won’t work with the others so almost have one with his local that he had when he’d wound up in the hospital anyway that put him on his medication that may be the cause of the problem; had an EKG back in July that all that is fine though things could have changed since then, hence why don’t quite have the appointment; couldn’t get that scheduled but…

and also have further testing done Monday re his blood; turns out the shots he’s been getting tend to deplete your iron stores so those will be checked; could be no wonder he’s been so tired…so, see about all that


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I'm a transplant, born up north but raised in the middle, now I'm down here where you don't see too many snowflakes; I'll probably post just about as often (here at least)
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