Back Home and Reporting In

First, dil’s grandfather back home because, once again, the “mental” place they’d last taken him to got him stabilized once again but this time the other place they’d placed him in wouldn’t take him back after what happened last time they got him “stabilized” so this time the closest place they could find for him was 6 hrs. away and I guess it had finally gotten to her grandmother because, according to her, she screamed and said to just bring him home. Her aunt – who has his guardianship and I wonder what position that places her in if she’s going to bring him to her house, which she isn’t; interesting that her grandmother just got her own place again so they’re right back to where they started before all this happened; that’s why they’d moved in with her in the first place – anyway, she tried to talk to her mother about how she was going to handle it and she didn’t care, just wanted him back home so they did and sure enough just since yesterday he’s already fallen twice; part of why they moved in with their daughter to begin with is with the falls when they were calling the fire department before they told them they couldn’t keep coming just to get him up; it was taking them away from more important calls, that if they kept calling them they would have to take him somewhere – meaning to begin with the hospital, which is what happened, which is how we got into the situation we did, so now they can’t call them anymore if they want to keep him at home, so the first time they called the guardian daughter and their other daughter’s husband, then the second time they called that daughter, wife of the husband and him to come get him up so wonder how long they can keep that up. One other problem they have is they don’t have the proper equipment for them, like a lift chair, which just remembered is an issue with husband’s uncle. In both cases had always understood that Medicare will pay for one – maybe not one like, at least in mine and husband’s family – and possibly theirs if they know – they would want but still but they said they checked both with Medicare and with the medical supply company they would go through and both said they don’t so not sure if something has changed; hm…she asked where I got my mom’s – at a yard sale, thankfully, so….but it doesn’t work anymore – think could probably be repaired but that’s another issue

Then got a phone call wanting verification of son’s address – possibly for his annual show-up for his IRR from his National Guard time since forwarding mail only lasts a year so his letter probably got kicked back since they’ve moved – well, they should say who they are when they call – surprised I even answered the phone to get that much – oh, well, maybe they’ll call back


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I'm a transplant, born up north but raised in the middle, now I'm down here where you don't see too many snowflakes; I'll probably post just about as often (here at least)
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One Response to Back Home and Reporting In

  1. ABE says:

    My mother-in-law’s falling problem – she used to sit on a chair in the kitchen, and fall alseep, and slip off, and FIL couldn’t pick her up – same story with the firemen, etc. – was helped considerably by SIL and her husband getting MIL a slightly more comfortable chair with arms.

    Result = fewer falls.

    They’re trying to figure out how to help both of the elders best – many families have to face that problem.

    My mom has a really nice lifting chair – a sling-based thing. Her attendants move her everywhere with it.


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