Under New Management

or at least that’s what the sign said so totally wasn’t expecting the same guy to be there; had just stopped to see if I could find out where he’d gone but then there he was, though of course technically it could still be under new management since he’s not the manager but the owner – oh, like that other situation with youngest, who still hasn’t pursued that; that’s why he keeps getting home so early, which then of course he’s already home when get the call about the other new management at the fast food place that had “fired” cousin but in getting the new management had been told he could possibly get rehired and to come in “for an interview”? but in uniform? to be prepared to go to work right then –  which he’d done only to be questioned as to why by the interviewer – the district manager – who brought up what the firing manager had put in the record and said he was a “no re-hire” so he’d been disappointed, besides the fact that the ride he’d gotten to get there had run out of gas, with a gas station right up the road and must not have had any way of getting any because had had her car towed home so he had no way home. His grandparents – yes, the uncle who’d fallen and thinks he may have cracked his ribs in it but you know they don’t really do anything any more – except tape them up, which probably would feel better and help them heal in place so if he’s not going to let them do it may should let somebody – anyway they weren’t home, hm, now where would he go except to the doctor she’d been saying she was going to make him an appointment for but, no, one other place but that’s a whole other story. Anyway as part of getting the help there’s a local person who helps with that that we’d been intending to get with for a while but just seemed to get a chance so with things somewhat calm for a while decided to take advantage of the opportunity of going and getting him – he’d walked from the interview to this bridge we have between here and there and it’s rather scary to cross – to see about that – had gotten the paperwork by this time from the main guy except he said we didn’t really want to use most of it since he’s already in the VA Healthcare System – that he would have had to have gotten a certification/rating, which I’m not entirely sure of, since dad’s in it as well; however, it did turn out to be the main VA guy who ultimately did his, since he’s right in the clinic, so he may have gotten that – so when took him home talked to them about it and she may see or she may not have understood; said we only need – of the paperwork I got – the doctor’s evaluation, which could, at least if she were an outside the VA one – which she’s not – just be a letter and him fill out the form, but she is an actual VA doctor think she would have to actually fill it out but now for some reason she’s not wanting to get him an appointment if she can avoid it and just mail her this form so…should have made copies before I finally got it to her, so wonder how long it will be now but also finally went over the Attendant Affidavit/Caregiver Agreement – I can hardly believe someone actually found a non-family member to stay with their family member (their dad) for the maximum you can get from the VA – of course there are people who just need a place to stay, for whatever reason and do have their own outside income so maybe that’s what/who they found.

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I'm a transplant, born up north but raised in the middle, now I'm down here where you don't see too many snowflakes; I'll probably post just about as often (here at least)
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