ok one more blood time

And,  yes, we did end up making it till Tuesday and no, he didn’t crash this time but then for some reason didn’t call the next day; guess since didn’t crash – either blood level wise or physically/clinically – just didn’t think about it and since I’d called them and they either called and got the levels or were called with them after I’d called and made sure his nurse was called to make sure she did and they hadn’t crashed and they would normally call the next day re his appt. even though they were well below – over a gram – what they him ordered to get blood for – they waited until the day of then called and cancelled his appt. and ordered his blood for the next day – so now we’re up to Friday – 3 weeks since the last time – but he did make it – though in that sense normally would have still been just 2 but maybe doing some better since the last time his blood was at this same level so maybe he could have gone somewhat longer but still not a month like was going so maybe see what they say next Friday, which is when they rescheduled his appt. for, so now will he get his blood checked again Monday as per normal, since, with the govt. shutdown over the other VA guy was right on the ball and since he only has 45 days to get this done – which, apparently wasn’t delayed for the shutdown, not sure why didn’t think about that – but, anyway, wants to come out pretty much first thing – for him, considering the drive he has to make and the fact he doesn’t have to stay as long – maybe that’s why anyway – since grandson doesn’t want to deal with it, even though found out there are waiver exceptions – too late, now – and thought maybe wouldn’t have to come at all then but still has to come verify dad does indeed live there and maybe ask him some questions, not sure and not sure how that will go – wanted to try to reschedule it for the afternoon after his aide comes but he’s got his whole day filled up with appts on past him – wait, that’s not true, now that I think about it; he actually working his way backwards but anyway the phone system malfunctioned again and by the time I got back with him he had his day filled, regardless, and didn’t want to have to revamp it, if I’d known, which I was concerned but I don’t think I really knew how little time it would take and thought he would be going to get blood checked again though maybe not with the appt and having just gotten blood; anyway if tried for before would be right in the middle of his day so probably wouldn’t work but possibly could have waited till the end of the day and his be the last stop probably should have just tried for something like that instead of thinking might could just revamp the whole thing by trying to tell him that am time would just not be good; he’d probably be back in bed; he didn’t care about that, just needed to see him; well, maybe we might, then we’re back to time frame; oh, well, just get it done and over with, then he’ll get with the guy down here to come see me but checks can’t stop anyway so not sure how much it matters or at least if he hadn’t gotten in touch with us but since he has if he don’t let him come when wants to might and don’t need that, at least for a few months anyway. Now just for the next step after that. Then also in the midst of that found out podiatrist appt. can’t get done till January but again no more complaints anyway but also, possibly only if but maybe anyway, can possibly get appt. with local, which, if can’t be same day as hearing aid, if get done, be better anyway, besides that by January new doc ought to be there anyway. But again, since can’t get till then haven’t notified so will see what happens by Monday after this Friday appt. And, also things went a lot better at the hospital with grandson staying with him more, keeps him better oriented, which makes things better for the nurses, giving them a better attitude about doing it anyway, so now just a matter of where we go from here, which also possibly goes back to the 5 months thing; lot involved in that. But in the meantime getting some drama from his aide, which is not helping things there with patience with both of them but maybe with dad getting his blood he’ll be feeling better, which will help things. She’s having problems with her 16. yr. old daughter over her older son – same thing we’ve gone through.


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I'm a transplant, born up north but raised in the middle, now I'm down here where you don't see too many snowflakes; I'll probably post just about as often (here at least)
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