I’ve Fallen and I Can’t Get Up

When I got back and found out about hub’s cousin’s wife and we went to the service his aunt, that I’ve been helping quite a bit, actually with his uncle, who’s been in bad health and it’s beginning to get to her in taking care of him especially since he’s been beginning to fall and has just been blessed that when he has their son, that they moved next door to a few years back, has been home and been able to just get him right up but we’ve been trying to get things worked out to get her some help but I’d ended up having to leave to go to dad’s and hadn’t had a chance to tell her, ran over real quick to the chapel to see the family so got a chance to tell her but then apparently possibly wasted my week in getting dad’s shots lined up and finding out it was the nurse who helped with that who gave it to him, not his actual nurse who was on vacation who wouldn’t do it but after talking to possibly her replacement and finding out about why they may not work anyway maybe I understand a little more about why, not sure why she couldn’t have just told me that but maybe because she doesn’t actually still work for him herself but knew because she did and why she was pushing for us to just see about getting them there but him not wanting to had been the problem but they didn’t even say anything about it when he did see them, unless it was because he didn’t actually see him; his physician’s assistant was as eager as this nurse was to take care of everything but then he wasn’t, so…anyway didn’t get a chance to talk to her that week, partially because of that besides other things will deal with later. Anyway finally the next week got a chance/took time to call and while talking to her didn’t realize she was outside and somebody started “hollering”; took a minute to realize they were even calling her or who or what it even was; she/they have a grandson living with them – another long story there for another time – who’d been – supposedly strangely enough but that’s another story – asleep in his room but maybe not when she went outside but anyway she hadn’t told him she was going out so he didn’t know and sure didn’t know where she was but not, in his mind anyway, in any of the usual places, so when “papaw” fell and started “hollering” he wasn’t sure what was going on either until he started calling for help then he was up and out in a flash but couldn’t get him up either by himself; he’s not really that strong, which is another whole story as well. Anyway when we finally got it she got off the phone, then took a minute for it to sink in with me then I headed down there but they had managed to get him up by then and back in his chair but not really all that well, which we did do when I got there but the whole is just such a story in itself. Apparently they’d been having problems with “grandson’s” commode with the water running so he’d turned the water off so then either “papaw” had tried to use it – which he has his own so not sure why would have – or else he just knew there was a problem and was trying to see about it, which he does still want to do – so had been in there, with her outside, like he likes to do, even though he’s fallen in the house before but still – so he’d made that fine but then in trying to get back to his chair – he has fairly bad osteoporosis and is bent pretty badly so his balance is off, which is why he tends to fall – it’s hard for him to turn around and just sit down so he tries to balance himself by putting his hands on his chair first to help him – if nobody’s around, which they weren’t – but his chair is right next to their fireplace  – but he missed the chair this time and fell into the corner between the chair and the fireplace onto the hearth, scraping his face all up, and couldn’t get up. They did manage but she was afraid they’d hurt his leg and that he’d even broken his hip since he seemingly couldn’t move it for a while but didn’t seem to be in too much pain (and did turn out he didn’t) but that could just be his stoicness or she was concerned he might have had another stroke – but don’t think that either or at least not very bad – but think just got overbalanced with his back – anyway he wouldn’t go to the ER and they didn’t insist this time (think that’s a story too) but has raised the concern of these falls with their son not around and the possibility of grandson not being either because she sure couldn’t get him up by herself though suppose she could do like others and call 911 for lift assist but that does still take a while for someone to get there; would be nice to have someone there so something we still want to work on but that’s another issue trying to see about what with everything else – trying to get all this down what with it all. But that was scary

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I'm a transplant, born up north but raised in the middle, now I'm down here where you don't see too many snowflakes; I'll probably post just about as often (here at least)
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