Back and Forth

well, dil’s grandfather’s new place thought they’d gotten him stabilized well enough to be able to go back – not home – but to the facility they’d found for him before all this happened that he had to be taken to these other places – but…guess when they got him back there it didn’t last; from what I understand he actually did attack a nurse this time there and they said in order for him to stay there, somebody would have to stay there with him – yes, at the facility; I have heard of this being the case in some rare instances; there was actually a similar situation with husband’s uncle I’ll go into later – 24 hrs., which, again, in this case, nobody’s willing to do that, even everybody together; I don’t know, I just don’t quite understand, like another situation I heard of tonight; guess I’ve just gotten spoiled in my family; when my grandmother was in the hospital, at least, somebody stayed with her all the time, now not in rehab so maybe that’s different. Anyway, they said if not he’d have to go back to where he was, so that’s where he is now.

Anyway, with all of this, at least her grandmother got moved into her own place; her daughter – dil’s aunt – started off paying for it – at least somebody else is ending up doing the same thing – but, unlike in our case, she did end up getting her disability herself over all this; they’d always said she qualified medically – she’s another one in the family with bad diabetes, neuropathy, with already having foot issues and surgeries, hospitalizations, etc. In fact, we’re supposed to be finding out who her podiatrist is for dad – but she never could get it because her husband made/drew too much because she never worked so hers would be based on income but with his now going to pay for him to stay in these facilities that had left her with none – or at least not as much and apparently little enough – I thought they had to leave her with some but not really sure how all that works – never had to deal with it that way – anyway she got it so got her taken care of now at least.

Now just somewhat dealing with her other aunt that just had a new baby when I was there in May that somehow she and her family -yes, husband- got evicted from their place so were staying with the aunt who her parents had just moved in with her when basically all this happened with her dad so didn’t have them anymore but at least they had been put on her lease, where there were too many of her sister, husband, 3 kids, to be put on, so they evicted them from there so older kids have gotten scattered and they’ve been just staying wherever, yes, even though husband has a good job; not sure what’s going on there.

But at least that’s led to dil’s sister actually being put on the lease with this aunt now that she’s been staying with as well, except for leaving just long enough to keep from being evicted herself and keeping the aunt from it as well, so at least got grandmother and sister settled; main thing. Hopefully the others can take care of things.

Enough taking of sister; she’s got her own issues as well.

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I'm a transplant, born up north but raised in the middle, now I'm down here where you don't see too many snowflakes; I'll probably post just about as often (here at least)
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