Visit with new doc

Checked his ears (like hub’s did today) made him a referral for his hearing aids he’s been complaining about ever since his birthday, when people actually came to see him so he wanted to be able to hear them, which hadn’t bothered him at least since June, since it’s been at least that long that his others have been gone, so saying he wanted to go get his new ones that were ordered last spring, which doesn’t realize that since he didn’t go get them last fall, when he just wasn’t in shape to go after having been in the hospital, which not sure he is now either especially since he’s just gotten out again but at least saying wants to now, but they’ve sent them back and gotten their money back and also since he didn’t go then his time frame on his exam has run out so again they can’t reorder them until now he has a new one again but then for all that after his appointment he didn’t realize all of this so when he did he once again just didn’t want to bother with it – oh me after all grandson went through – but also he’d wanted grandson to clip/trim his toenails – uh, no, not doing and since his personal aide isn’t allowed to for safety reasons guess can’t really blame him so mentioned that to the doc so he also made a referral for him to the podiatrist so not sure where that leaves that; however, grandson did get him some new shoes, more tennisie type since he doesn’t really go anywhere anymore, except to the docs so do wonder if they noticed and what they thought but they may be making his feet more comfortable so that his toenails aren’t bothering him anymore; he at least hasn’t said anything about them anymore. But apparently those two things more than took up his allotted time since nothing was even said about his leg complaints that were the reason for his original visit with his old doc and turns out this was supposed to be his actual follow-up as well yet nothing was said about anything on his problem list, this being a doc he’d not only never seen before but had never had anything to do with his case at all, unlike the other doc who’s seeing patients at his clinic; they have hired a new one but what with all the red tape will probably be the first of the year before he’s in there but obviously this doc had not even looked at his chart and certainly does not intend to get involved with his specialist doctors. Did, in attempting to recontact who I thought was supposed to be his nursing case manager, learn he’s not really even but mainly just the administrative nurse manager, not really having anything to do directly with patients; however, get to speak with his “lead clerk” if you will at the clinic where he is who did say that if there were any issues to let her know and they would resolve them; however, this wasn’t until after he’d seen the doctor so not unexpectedly at this point her thought was to contact his specialist and see what they had to say, which I did and at least this time got a different nurse who was actually more willing to actually talk with me than the one had been before but it was more a matter of why they’ve been doing what they have been but she did explain that there were two different disorders he has both causing the same thing but for different reasons and one is counteracting the other such that the lesser regimen he was on in the hospital that the doc that put him on didn’t know about the other condition, hence possibly such a concern over the possibility of them finding out about it, which I believe possibly explains why he was not discharged with it; only took almost a year and pressing to get it restarted to finally get an explanation; not sure why either couldn’t have gotten this last year or gotten it started to try but they just didn’t seem to communicate with each other or me at that point and to be honest, bad as I feel about what happened because of it, I just had so much going on this time last year I just couldn’t deal any deeper with it but on the other hand I don’t think anybody else was willing to either at that point; it had just all happened so fast and was too soon but a year later….it possibly seems to be beginning to happen; point being no treatment which is what in that sense I’d been pushing for thought not from that standpoint; I’d just been concerned about what they had been putting him through that they said they were doing to “keep him comfortable” which might have been doing between the doing of it but certainly not in the doing of it and I think this last hospital visit confirmed the route the hospital was wanting taken or rather confirmed that no way would it be done; considered surgery and no way would any surgery be done, short of a real true emergency so only solution I saw was the one they used at this last hospitalization was some sedation at least but this is under a different doctor than any actually at the hospital so they haven’t been letting this doc know anything about the problems they’ve been having, strictly medical, yes, they’ve been letting him know but this agitation/disorientation/etc. he’s been having – no – haven’t let him know anything about that, apparently because he is such a specialist that he’s only to be bothered about his specific area but since he’s not actually admitted he has no local admitting doctor; he’s only there on this doctors orders so he’s the only one who can be contacted about anything so next time it happens we’re to either contact him ourselves or let them know we want him to be, which I’m concerned will happen soon or at least that’s the way he’s been trending and especially concerned with Monday being a Federal Holiday – and, yes, I know about the govt shutdown but clnics have not been but will be then so he won’t be able to get his blood work drawn so concerned about waiting till Tuesday after what’s been happening lately with that; think it would have been better to have gotten it done today, especially after aide saying back to where we were why went to his old doc a month early complaining with his leg pain which was right before he crashed and had to go to the ER but at least he was bad enough wasn’t an issue when he got there so just expecting it any time but frustrated that – and maybe that’s why – with this different nurse being nicer but in the sense of explaining especially the keeping him comfortable – she didn’t have any problem with just waiting until Tuesday – we’ll see what happens – maybe she’s wanting to as well but we possibly looking for different things so will see

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