School finally done

no, not really done but all the paperwork/financial stuff finally all through

to go over what happened

first, youngest son pulled a fast one on us and finished high school early so was ready to start college a year before we were expecting and weren’t really ready what with everything that’s gone on so he starts by filling out his FAFSA (federal student financial aid for those who don’t know) not long after older son does his as well. Now, as we know older son is married with a child – well, actually 2 at that point so he gets full Pell Grant plus he’s also on the WIA program that actually pays for his school and books so his Pell Grant pays for living expenses. Now, younger son still lives at home with no dependents so he gets no Pell Grant – based on dh’s income – and no other aid either. However, they don’t take into account the help we’ve been giving older son and family what with all the additional expense regarding 2nd lo being in the hospital, etc., which they could have gotten help for except we didn’t know it at the time and by the time we did they said it was too late. However, based on some obscure wording on the FAFSA form regarding who could be considered part of our household based on who we help support and confirmed by the FAFSA people themselves – not the school – we added them to our household as dependents, thus requalifying younger son for some Pell Grant money – not nearly the maximum amount as his brother but some but then also qualifying for a student loan, not that I want him saddled with a lot of debt but if we can just him in and through for right now until we can get through what we’ve gotten ourself into with all these additional expenses as well as get older through school and certified where he will hopefully be able to pick up more of his own then we can deal with that. However, even though we got him qualified with FAFSA the school, in it being different than to begin with, needed to verify it. Now, we did it to begin with online with FAFSA for them to send to the school but…that wasn’t sufficient; they had to have their own form that they sent us sent in to them as well, which we didn’t realize needed to be done at the same time, so we just kept delaying things past the point that they had already because of their own glitch with their software system, meaning they didn’t even get started on things until July, with us having filled out our part to begin with back in May, then what the verification process and that delay it was getting time for school to start or at least his orientation to begin with and no, in spite of all their promises and reassurances they did not have things done by the time school started nor even by the time everything was due and supposed to be taken care of; however, they did take care of that giving them time until they did get everything done; however, what we also didn’t know was that we shouldn’t have waited – in that sense – until we knew for sure that the school was going to approve the grant before starting in on the loan because of course we didn’t really know how much or rather in his case how little the grant would be but with it not turning out to be enough then without the loan it still left him with a balance anyway; so we rushed and got all that done, again, online, and sent it in, but again, they didn’t tell us it also had to be verified by the school or maybe rather his enrollment had to be verified by the school for his loan to be actually approved so the one thing they stressed – no matter what, even if it seems as if you’re not going to have the funds for school – do not not attend classes – keep going – for if you do, then you can be verified even if you do get dropped from your classes and get your funds approved but not if you don’t so sure enough it wasn’t done in time that he was dropped from his classes but he did follow the advice;  he did indeed have to get his attendance verified by his teachers, even having to get back with his orientation teacher twice because he’d already finished that program and after going to the wrong class for one class but that teacher working with the one of where he was supposed to be to confirm that he had at least shown up somewhere, just the wrong place by mistake, then getting all of that to the right person at the school to actually approve the actual loan processing with the business office to allow him to stay in school because of another rule that we didn’t know about that says that if you’re a first-time borrower you’re actual loan funds don’t  get dispursed for 30 days but they work with their part on that because they know about because it’s their rule – even though they say everything isn’t but oh well. Anyway the other part of this is there is an off-campus bookstore across the road that their books are considerably cheaper than getting them through the school with the con of that being they are not tied into the school system or under the school’s authority to not be allowed to charge the students until the get their money so in theory they would be responsible for their charges basically when school starts; however, in reality they’re very practical and work with you so they give you an extension of 30 days until your loan is processed so that was a relief. However, we then learned the 30 days is only the beginning of the processing for disbursement not a hard day of so we still didn’t have the funds at that point but again after getting an e-mail reminder notice from the off-campus bookstore of funds due in calling them that’s all they asked and gave another extension for another couple of weeks by which time finally the funds had come in; however, glad they came when they did because in the new modern age we live in son just snapped a pix of the check and automatically deposited it in his bank account that way but then in doing that they placed their own hold on the funds but part of that being over the weekend anyway when he couldn’t do anything anyway didn’t hurt too bad and by the deadline with the bookstore the funds were available and he was able to clear his account and then have the rest of his money to then decide how to use to help for his school expense. Yay! finally by mid-October – 2 months from school start date – been rather stressful – at least that’s only for the first time; this shouldn’t repeat next semester – but getting time to get ready for that already – which seems to be doing – printed off his list of overall classes he needs for the direction he’s going – now if we can just get him there with what he’s taking now – tough but maybe now with all this off from hanging over his head he can concentrate more and get through it – we’ll see – or maybe we’ll need to get more help



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