Nurse on Vacation

when got to dad’s found some folic acid grandson said showed up in the mail from the va; called the pharmacy, found out new doc ordered it; said good for brain function, found out later being used experimentally for dementia but also said helps rebuild cells, so assuming partially to aid in him rebuilding his red blood cells as well as the dementia his lack of oxygen to his brain from that has possibly been causing, then while there brought up about the red blood cell building shots and was directed to talk to their hematologist about going over his records; that he would have to approve it; however, since I never got to finish that convo with their clerk because had to get off the phone to take care of dad, when got back around to calling back today and talked to her and she talked to the nurse, they said no, just has to go through his primary, the same one who ordered the folic acid, and their pharmacy, so without much hope after what happened the last time I tried that, at least when I ended up going direct and kept getting their call center which wouldn’t talk to me I let them send me over there which last time I did that got sent to what was supposed to be the person in charge of their special program for these shots except who wasn’t there but then also finding out later they no longer even had that program so was indeed supposed to be being handled by their regular pharmacists except apparently they hadn’t been told that yet but evidently by today they had so when I got them this time they actually patched me through to just one of them rather than supposedly sending me off to that other person who was no longer in charge of a non-existent program besides not being there at all and then, on top of that, wonder of wonders, they actually had the paper work thanks to the nurse who just would not work with me on that other than somebody sending a request to his outside the VA hematologist “requesting clarification” regarding this shot with them not knowing what that meant – oh, they’re supposed to know; we deal with them every day – and not being able to find anybody within the VA who supposedly even knew who sent it because of above mentioned issue and the fact that it should have been his “new” nurse, because had turned out his old one had had to medically retire after winding up in the hospital after having a massive heart attack – yes, the one who’d said I’d needed to put dad in one of their nursing facilities so go figure – who should have been the one who should have sent it; however, she didn’t want to talk to me because she said they didn’t stock it; well, duh, I knew the clinic didn’t but didn’t know until this past week that supposedly the whole VA system doesn’t; they have to order it from an outside specialized pharmacy, which supposedly takes a long time, longer than we supposedly should have to wait when he needs it; however, apparently there was a misunderstanding because after talking to the pharmacy originally about talking to their hematologist got a call from the clinic from another nurse, because that one was on vacation, about my dad having a consult with that hematologist; no, just wanting him to be able to go over the records, which, of course, he doesn’t actually have because that’s what they’ve been wanting from his, again, outside the VA hematologist, being the clarification they’d requested that they said they should know what meant because they deal with it every day but they wanted me to get so to call them again then this time instead of them going through their usual routine sent me to their medical records which have had a hard time with before but this time no problem – different person there as well I believe – went/pulled his progress notes, office visit notes, etc. and sent them up to the clinic – wow. Part of why I wanted to get out of there however because in spite of the fact that I believe this will make things a lot easier, hopefully alleviating at least some of this him having to go get blood and spend all that time at the hospital especially with him having to stay there with him now it still is me pushing it with the hematologist saying it won’t do any good; nothing ventured, nothing gained – why not try? rather than keep putting him through all of that unless is there some unknown reason? well anyway she sent the notes and they already had the orders/prescription so the nurse filling in for the one on vacation did send them up to the pharmacy, which is what I’d wanted to stop by and check on, actually first to see if they did indeed get the notes to begin with, which did find out that they did then had been given to this nurse who was reviewing them to then pass them on to the doctor who’d ordered the folic acid, which seemed to indicate he had some idea of what has been going on but would not be able to go over them until after he’d seen his last patient so had intended to get back in there after taking care of the next thing on the list but then didn’t make it so was thrilled this morning to find had not only finally gotten there then not only had made it past gatekeeper nurse but then also the doc and on up to the pharmacy. However, poor pharmacy, if I understood right at the time – need to go check, believe I can – orders were written for shot to be sent to the clinic – didn’t think about that being an issue but maybe should have since vitamin b-12 sent to house but somehow just thought this more serious so wouldn’t be but apparently wrong because he said they never send it direct to the clinic; only thing is this has to be refrigerated so he was going to check on and get back with me, which he did but I was already dealing with the other issue so just left a message telling me he’d sent it – sent it? thought they didn’t even have it – maybe he ordered it sent? – thought would take while to get done but said should get there by UPS tomorrow so should notify? will wait until can call tomorrow – depending – another issue after today – to see is clinic going to administer like B-12 or going to train/expect grandson? to administer at home? or will this mean a home health nurse can come administer? hm


so,wow, been working on this shot since May 1 so only taken 5 months to get this far – kinda like the check last year just for the wrong amount one so see how this goes. 


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