One Scene to Another

But what really caught my eye in this article was your sentence, “Each scene only a glimpse and then it was gone, instantly replaced…”  Because that’s kind of how I’ve been feeling about life recently.  It seems I can hardly process one moment before the next one comes barging in.  As a matter of fact, I’m taking some time off work next week to get away for a few days and collect my thoughts. The timing of my finding this article now has to be providential since, besides just getting from here to there, those rides provided plenty of time to reflect on the journey.  Which is exactly what I need in my present journey


This says exactly how I’ve been feeling

Just got back from a week at my dad’s to be told husband’s cousin’s wife, who’s been battling Chrohn’s Disease, passed away Friday so went to the service this afternoon, that on the heels of right before I left, his sister’s brother-in-law passing away from pancreatic cancer, while in between we went to our church campmeeting that I hadn’t been able to go to last year because of being at the hospital with little granddaughter that we lost this year, then the year before having to leave early because of daughter-in-law going in the hospital with pancreatitis, even though did have to go late this year to give youngest some time at college before left – but then also while gone he got his job – or sorta – anyway got into an emergency clean-up of freezers going out but at least got some money – got him some Browning tshirts 🙂

and while gone oldest’s gf’d situation not going well – hospital put a judgment on her for the bills because even though she’s on her mom’s insurance – thanks to this new health care law – since a question of workman’s comp they won’t go ahead and pay the bills till they see what’s going to happen with that and the settlement she was offered won’t cover she wouldn’t take it since they put the judgement because they would just take it all so went on and had the hearing so judge has 60 days to decide but meanwhile the very house he wants has turned out to go up for auction this next Thursday – aaay!

Then found out cousin’s daughter had her baby this past Thursday –

then also his brother police called because he drove himself to the grocery – probably shouldn’t be – got home, got out, then too weak to get up the stairs into his house – now, this day and age we live in, instead of neighbor who saw him just helping him, no, he calls the police then instead of them just helping, the way the law is now – how do I know because I’d just talked to the one’s at dad’s about a similar situation – they had to take him to the hospital – where it’s up to them who they contact which in his case he’d had it as his granddaughter that he’d wanted to go live with – so she comes down, petitions for guardianship of him and has him placed in an assisted living at least until it’s decided that she gets it but meanwhile his sister finally finds out what’s going on and goes up and puts a monkey wrench in things so now everything’s postponed until November then she takes off on a charter bus trip out West –

so –  

just one scene to another – no time to process – slow down

ETA – actually guess this didn’t actually post until Mon – service was actually Sunday afternoon – very next day after got back late the night before

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I'm a transplant, born up north but raised in the middle, now I'm down here where you don't see too many snowflakes; I'll probably post just about as often (here at least)
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