And the other end of life

Tomorrow taking dil up to meet her family as they bring her grandfather down to put him in a behavioral health facility; somewhat so sad it’s come to this and he’s not really that old; do wonder how much it’s related to the way he’s just said he’s wanted to just go on with his daughter – her mother – ever since she’s been gone; just glad she hasn’t been that way, even before she had the little one, and seems she could have since she’d just lost the other one and he had 3 more, 2 of whom have had  little ones since, the last one – that was just a couple of months ago, actually maybe about the time this started, surely not the reason – being his first grandson after 6 others. But instead he reached the point of accusing his wife that she had to leave to go stay with her mother and can’t even come tomorrow – just so sad, but at least it will be an opportunity for dil to see her family and the new little one she’s so been wanting to that she hasn’t been able to – so gotta hit the road early in the am

then also my dad finally got the visit from his church but sadly didn’t even recognize the man – or does that say more about the other man than dad – sad it’s been so long that he’s been to see him as long as it’s been that he hasn’t been to church – sad, too, for him that he hardly recognized dad – oh, not literally/physically but in mind he’s so not the same but he enjoyed hearing the old stories about how the church got its start in the basement of a gas station that used to be next door – remember how I used to sneak up there between services and get snacks – now the kids don’t even have to sneak – it’s even expected – things have sure changed – but otoh he wasn’t really interested – way before his time but somewhat awkward that he remember the new old pastor – as in the most recent one who hadn’t been to see him lately because turned out he wasn’t there anymore – not sure why but he didn’t want to talk about it – find it interesting that he said that pastor “went the extra mile” in visiting those who couldn’t come to church, in the hospital, nursing home, etc. Really – the extra mile? – isn’t that what they’re supposed to do? just that he really did it – hm – brought the fill-in guy with him but of course that didn’t mean anything to dad – had never seen him, not sure how long he’ll even be around – close to getting a new one – be interesting to see how that works out, especially in light of that statement because he couldn’t even say that he would come see him. guess we’ll see

but especially in light of this latest doctor visit where they’re shaking up the plan a little – wonder how that will go –  


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I'm a transplant, born up north but raised in the middle, now I'm down here where you don't see too many snowflakes; I'll probably post just about as often (here at least)
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