Some things can be simple, after all

Just have to wait for the secretary to get back – wait, you mean there are still some places that have them – apparently so, for the college younger son is planning to attend this fall won’t even allow the deal to insert someone in a class that’s full; of course, he has to approve but he can’t actually do it, so in talking to him last week and him telling me he approve inserting – one (1) – yes, just 1 – person in the class – he also told me he couldn’t actually do it, would have to wait to be done until the secretary got back in this week. This, after he’d thought he was going to be able to open a whole new class, but then, for some reason, found out he wasn’t going to be able to. Knew son wanted it done but didn’t expect it to be basically the first thing he would ask when he got in – if I’d gotten it done and when I told him the situation asked to then please see about it first thing this morning – which I did – well, after that panicky phone call; well, 2; that I got first – but then when called and he put me through to her having just gotten back from vacation and having to wake up her computer, she asked me his ID number – none of this about can’t talk to me without a release (oh, wait , maybe I shouldn’t say anything) – checked the one he wanted to get into and got it done. Nothing complicated about it – see, it doesn’t have to be; just take care of it.

So, now he has the same schedule as his friends who they all want to ride together to school; save gas. One happy young man


And then older son actually talked to his advisor today to be able to register tomorrow, which will allow me to finish younger son’s paperwork regarding all our dependents, including if they’re in school and which one, which have had to wait to be sure about until he was for sure registering to know for sure if he were actually going, since he’s working. Has his schedule worked out to be able to go full-time and work full-time without it being a strain. 2 night classes, 1 Sunday afternoon and one online – which, one of those may be as well. Ordered him a hotspot for his computer, which he hasn’t sold, pawned, gotten rid of or broken – maybe we’re making progress. Doesn’t tie up his phone either and also allows both phones to be able to get online as well – at home at least –  for not too bad.

New sim card didn’t take care of his phone getting online, however.

He did get to feeling better today, after going on to work this time in spite of getting up sick again this morning but at least didn’t stay sick all day today.

Now younger son also got his corrected paperwork into his system today but still have to fill out what was sent to us stating what we did with the other and also putting down what he did make last year – would have been enough to pay for this year of college but only if he hadn’t done anything else – more than what he realized – after calling for his records – don’t realize it as you’re making it – maybe should go back to the farming days where you got all your annual income at once – hm


so see what tomorrow brings there

Then older son calls first thing this morning – finally remembered that with dad not getting as much blood this last time he’s quite likely going to be at the point of needing more this week – yes, right as he’s not going to be here for taking gf to the doctor they’re sending her to 4 hrs. away. Plus the people he’d made arrangements with to stay with him while gone had a death in the family and hadn’t gotten back with him – but then they did before the day was out – turns out he details cars at a lot son was able to get a nice truck from trading his old one that he’d picked up when they came and got his other – things were going downhill then but they’re looking back up now – and she works at the nursing home so think she can handle it. So thought I was going to have to try to figure out a way to go up there (not that I wouldn’t want to be with my dad; in many way, feel I should be) what with our best vehicle – but the one hub drives to work – in the shop – and the one he’s been driving to work instead needing to go – so much so when he came in today said he wasn’t taking it tomorrow but said we should be getting the other one back then but of course probably not until he gets off work; of course, I suppose – has happened before – if I’d needed it it might be ready and I could go get but as of now looks as it won’t have to. So leaves mine – except for the new -well, to us – one we just got for younger son to take to school but which we want to put in shop to be checked out – especially after finding out 2 qts low on oil when hub changed over the weekend – hm but doesn’t seem to have anything wrong with it and drove it back the 2 hrs. from where we got it but would I want to put it on a 5 hr. trip? anyway hub wants to take it to work tomorrow so guess question would be do I want to leave younger one here without one – well, have many times so really suppose if really needed to would so maybe just not really wanting to go – been so much lately and was just up there – well, it has been almost 3 mos. now – time gets away – really probably should go more often but made another trip 2 mos. ago and guess just with all been going on just tired but shouldn’t matter but does for several reasons so just glad seems to be working out – but none of that worked anything out about the blood deal – took him in today – was thinking not until not until Thursday – for his big blood lab workup that he has done every several months – last time was end of February – wasn’t scheduled for another month but guess good thing doing it a month early since he moved up his doctor appointment since found out his doctor’s retiring next month – would have been gone and with everything going on could have been a real mess, although turned out maybe because he is retiring didn’t seem to do much anyway. Guess good thing we had him when we did. He just said “his age”; did find out protocol has changed in regard to potassium and Lasix – not automatically given together anymore, depends on your levels, which back in February were fine but will see how are now with him complaining so about his legs hurting and being so weak, so much so turns out they gave out on him yesterday in the garage. Sure it was a scary feeling for son when he went to check on him to hear him crawling across the floor trying to get back closer to be heard but in hearing him he was able to go get him up; he hurt his arm again, like the last time this happened. This time the nurse he had last time has retired as well and not sure how well this new one will talk to me; was quite an ordeal the last time but the doctor asked about such Friday when he saw him so son told them to tell him so will see how that goes when get lab results tomorrow. The last time he was still having home health come but they’re not now and they still quit then but, again, will see what happens. But main thing is seeing what his blood levels will be re him having to get blood – was hoping they’d be willing to just go off last week but guess not but they still say they’re not getting them even though they say they’re sending them – wonder if they have the right number – not sure if said they got them today and just waiting anyway for today’s or still didn’t get them – called to request and they say re-sent – but may have called just to let us know and since waiting for today’s anyway doesn’t really matter anyway – at least, if they’re not that low, which they weren’t, but he was sure hoping to go ahead and get something done today if it were going to need to be – hoping possibly to just get the shot we’d started couple months ago and not have to get more blood – but they said they’d received request for clarification – so from who? the pharmacy?

oh, now that couldn’t be simple – actually forgot that’s who I’d talked to before – what with the lab and the clinic but finally got that straight but then was told I had to talk to someone – dedicated person who handles this shot – now wasn’t told that before but tried but could never contact her – guess not, finally found out, after starting back at square one with the lab that sent me there in the first place and reached 2nd shift person by that point, that she doesn’t even do that anymore – funding cut

Which, btw, also hit his meals from the senior center, since they know grandson’s staying with dad not – he doesn’t need the meals – others who live by themselves need them more, which is true – so he’s going to have to start making sure he has something for lunch now as well. And found out he’s no longer getting the big meal he was getting once a week from the church, which is fine as well, since he’s there. Those two things were very nice when he was by himself and I do very much appreciate it – need to try to show it to them.

But to go back – turns out to be just like everything else – handled by the docs – except, yes and no, when went the normal, usual way – through the operator – instead of getting to the pharmacy kept getting route to their call center – should have known, being Monday – who kept telling me the prescription had to go to the clinic; well, wasn’t anything said about this before – but kept saying that would have been why and where the request for clarification would have come from but at least who she put me through to there after talking to her and her saying she’d already talked to me twice today – don’t think so, hadn’t talked to them at all – so she talked to her again herself telling me she told her that again – don’t care, still not so – and them saying they didn’t know what I was talking about and hardly even being able to find the nurse’s notes of the authorization to request it I decided to go back to square one. Which put me back to the pharmacy to the 2nd shift person who explained it all to me – guess, like so many other situations, they don’t really train the call center people – they just get upset at you calling and asking. Nothing had been said about having to send a prescription to the clinic and certainly nothing about progress notes for his primary care doc to have to decide if he did indeed feel he needed the shot to order it. All that had been said before was that his ordering specialist had to authorize it, which she, in seeing the notes where his new nurse, after I’d finally gotten to talk to her, had talked to them and gotten that, said that had been done. Yes, it is based on labs, which are supposed to be sent to them – even though they say they’re not getting them like they’re supposed to, they at least do get sent when they’re requested even if that’s after we call to check on – when they got the one where he was at the point of the authorization they sent the fax to request it; however, at that point he needed it in a more timely manner than they could get it, so they just rerouted the order/request to the local hospital’s ER, who could also give it and not that bad to just run across town; do it all the time to get blood anyway, so not that big a deal; had just hoped to just keep it all at the clinic. But then for some reason gave a month shot instead of a 2 week one so then instead of getting another shot in two weeks – and in spite of being given a month one it didn’t build up his blood enough and, besides, my understanding could have been dangerous, but guess, at his age, since it didn’t work that fast anyway possibly wouldn’t pose the danger – had to get blood again anyway. Then he had to go see the doc, who, at that time, in looking at his frequency, didn’t have a problem with it, so nothing was said about the shot then. However, then when he had to get blood this last time earlier this month, when his heart rate and blood pressure dropped, he had them stop and only give him one unit instead of the 2 he’s been getting, which have been raising his levels up to normal, so then not this time. Meanwhile, possibly with not getting it from the clinic – or maybe would not have been able to anyway, at least not until this taken care of – not sure how much time would have taken – apparently sent the request for clarification as to why needing, even though knows about getting the blood but maybe not about the shot; would have thought would have been brought up when saw his primary doc but wasn’t and didn’t know about request at that point, not sure about that either so actually then not sure if was sent when got the fax or not  because if so, then should have had when saw him but then or course, like said, everything seemed to be stable at that point so apparently just didn’t want to rock the boat; just leave things as are but then they didn’t stay that way. Seems to be like the getting the blood though; they have a much better working relationship with the hospital, like when they finally understood they just wanted orders from them for that and it’s been no problem they can do the same thing with this so maybe what they’ll do. Not sure how will handle. Will see how this blood level/lab goes this time.

Oh but did find out they can fax   – get straight from where the lab is and not even go through the clinic – but depending on how all this shakes out may not even keep doing labs like this anyway – again will see how tomorrow goes – have till noon – when grandson wants to leave and when doc said should hear by – way too low for shot now anyway or at least way lower than when should get and doesn’t do like getting blood does so not sure exactly what to do at this point but don’t usually go get blood this soon in week anyway but see what is – again just see


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