8 years ago – so 2005

A good place to start – a new chapter – since that was the year that middle son left home – oh, what a summer that was – the year he turned 17 – how different  from this past one with younger son turning the same age – and interesting month to start this when just found out that oldest son’s best friend when they were 18’s birthday is this week, the one who came down with him with this one was born – yes, started all over again.

Anyway was when middle son had started school – college – in high school – not sure best thing then but am glad now he had that much under his belt when he started back since he waited long enough for that then baby to be starting now as well – he who did not do any of this while in high school, as he’s finding out now – but, so very thankful, of all things, they decided to start this new summer program to help prepare them for this fall – and free as well – no idea how so finally getting him to settle down and work on this math but realizing don’t think going to be ready for college math this fall so may be joining the ranks of those having to pay to take a remedial math course; oh, well, if he turns out as well as the two other young men I know who had to do that and maybe, yes, took a little longer getting their degree, he’ll turn out fine, as they did. He just wasn’t ready before – but, unlike the other one, I always remember the tortoise won the race. While the hare – he who did start in high school is just now getting through himself after waking up from his nap – we’ll see who wins. However, he, by no means, is the only one who did this in high school; he’s just the only one who went to the technical school rather than the academic one youngest is going to and I was told what happened to someone else who went young; however, don’t see him having done what this younger one has done the past few years while dealing with the other one; however, the world did make some catastrophic changes in those years, especially in the technological arena – as in a comic I used to read, even though he does have his license, it wasn’t nearly as big a deal for him as for the other one because he could use this newfangled tech world to communicate with his friends -even skyping, if you will, although not sure technically that’s specifically what he used, but anyway, which ever, with them all over the country, where he sure couldn’t drive. But he’s much more social than the other one, who, though, can meet friends, just tends to be more one at a time rather than a group and somehow met this one at the diner with a pool table – does that make it a pool hall? still not really sure – but anyway took them out to eat for his 17th birthday but like this past 4th of July with family – most uncomfortable. Maybe made more awkward by the fact it was on Sunday and got him (the friend) to come to church with him/us first – was right after his last Vacation Bible School, where looking at him up on stage with the rest, looked so awkward, to say the least. He’d missed his time that year; yes, for a car show through school but turned to be not all; course didn’t help, in that sense, was close to where his cousin’s mom – (aunt, sorta) lived so excuse in a sense for cousin to at least say he wanted to go see so goodhearted son agreed to take him but like other situations heard about turned out didn’t really go see his mom, excuse to see some others had no business seeing and could have caused a lot of trouble – glad got out with just a speeding ticket – not really going that fast just little speed trap town – unlike this year when this son missed as well but for an out-of-state friend’s high school graduation that I got to actually go with him and see some old friends of mine as well from when I lived there – really enjoyed both that and the trip with him, wish could have done more – but then came back and had one of the lead roles in the play they put on every year – guess be his last.

Anyway interesting life’s twists and turns – a week later someone pulled up in our yard who we’d had here before getting that son’s old Mustang he’d picked up from the neighbor and was going to restore but then went in other direction with his truck first then Honda that he’d splattered so then replaced with an old junker clunker of one – anyway they were scrapping so got it for that – but came to tell us she’d seen him at a friend of her’s (or used to be anyway – wasn’t having anything to do with her at that point) that he didn’t need to be – even after the program and another time he would slip off by himself – we’d wondered what was going on – so stayed up that night – well, he did; I had been – and when didn’t come home – (this is actually getting hard somehow not sure this was this night or this had happened before) called and asked to spend the night with this friend from the pool hall and I/we wouldn’t let him – looking back, maybe we should – because should have known shouldn’t have been out driving – should have had that talk or gone and gotten him? – but didn’t find out all this until later, isn’t it always that way? but then called again and said on his way but had somebody else with him and was going to spend the night there when took them home, so…..but later

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I'm a transplant, born up north but raised in the middle, now I'm down here where you don't see too many snowflakes; I'll probably post just about as often (here at least)
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