And the saga of the wheels goes round and round and then down

into a pot hole, right before they resurfaced the road before the district guy could get out to see the pothole so there wasn’t one when he got there so he recommended the claim be denied, according to the paperwork we got, although the regional person thought she remembered that he recommended it be approved and even though he said in cases like that that they usually give the benefit of the doubt and rule in favor of the complainant but then the state people said we were slated for a hearing, which had meant a denial, but it just wasn’t scheduled yet. However, apparently in the original claim the size of the wheels on the car had to be put down because in the paperwork that’s what it was all about, that they weren’t the manufacturer recommended size, which I knew to begin with and I said there was probably no reason to even pursue this because of that; that’s what happens when you wind up with a Honda Civic that they’ve put these after market low profile tires with the oversize wheels on, which is just what he said, that they’re going to be more prone to damage if anything happens, that there’s no reserve. You know we always need to keep some reserve in life. However, in all fairness to the son that this happened to, he didn’t put the wheels and tires on and actually neither did the son he got the car from; his buddy who took it over for him is the one who put the wheels on and then we put the tires on. However, as it turned out when all this happened with this son that he was able to get wheels and tires for what we probably paid for those tires, we probably should have just insisted that he do the same thing at the time; yes, he would have had 2 different sizes on the car but that’s what we have now so what would have been the difference but that’s the difference in what happens when you don’t mind burning money and they don’t mind you doing it either and when you do and when somebody does care but it’s not fair to the one that does to have to pay for the one that doesn’t because now he’s running around with the two different size wheels and that’s not good for the car.

However, that was the saga of the government red tape on this go-round.

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I'm a transplant, born up north but raised in the middle, now I'm down here where you don't see too many snowflakes; I'll probably post just about as often (here at least)
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