Erk! back up – regroup Cell phone theft #1

just checked that post before last so realized the last one didn’t make any sense since I didn’t put anything in there about what I was talking about – so, here goes –

when we got there we found that the cell phone wasn’t taken away to holding – oh, no – it had gotten stolen the night before – now, get this, it was in the tattoo box – oh, yes, our young and talented graphic artist, instead of inking, animating for Disney or some such or turning out posters or billboards or something of that ilk for I guess the big bad evil corporation or even the bigger badder eviler guvment – has decided to use his talent in other directions – even apprenticing in the field – anyway, that is, until his kit got took – with his cell phone in it – now maybe so, but others think differently – like the gas/service station situation – ah well – now did I mention that it was while he was at the policeama station filling out his policeama reporta for his estollen cella phone that the investigator investigating the break in/burglary of the car lot from which next door he was taken – owned by the same owner of ze zaid car lot – when he tripped the alarm system – how? – ah, when said investigator was watching the video he found out why this young man just happened to be there when they went in response to the alarm – he tripped it – oh, really – and he just happens to be in the next room filling out this police report about his stolen cell phone – hm, after they brought him in from the hospital where they so kindly had taken this poor panic stricken soul who just happened to find himself stranded at this place where the alarm system just happened to go off because he’d been left there by the ones who stole his tattoo kit and cell phone – by just happening to be so kind and helpful in removing this brick/block that was holding down this plywood on these 2x4s leaning against this building when it slipped out of his hand going through the window because he got tangled up in the lumber and panicked and ran next door – well, we think we’ll just arrest this young man and give him a ride out to the local holding facility out in the boonies for a while at least.

oh my – and then when they replace it under the insurance – for free? like he thought/said – well….? not so sure – it gets stolen? hm  – $500 – we’ll see



About donnainthesouth

I'm a transplant, born up north but raised in the middle, now I'm down here where you don't see too many snowflakes; I'll probably post just about as often (here at least)
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